Thursday, January 28, 2016


Photo / Scott Fletcher
McLean Park Napier Friday January 28th.

No Smoking! oh yes high fire risk eh

Methinks there could be some water under those covers.
Also could be a bit slippy on the grassy knoll

Best get the Budgie Smugglers out pdm.

ps has the drought broken my spies say yes for now.


Anonymous said...

The East Coast drought the climate warmists have been warning us all about?


pdm said...

Raining, light but steady as in not stopping anytime soon, in Hastings as I type this GD - little prospect of any play I would think.

It must have hosed down in Napier yesterday - probably double what we got in Hastings at least.

The Veteran said...

pdm ... do you know if tomorrow (Friday) is designated as a Reserve Day?

pdm said...

Vet - I don't think they have reserve days for any matches these days.

Besides even if it stops raining now, and it may have in Napier, I doubt the ground will be up to scratch for international cricket tomorrow. McLean park drains well but even so it has had a lot of water on it.

pdm said...

Vet - straight from the horses mouth via the Herald for your edification:

`NZC's head of cricket, Lindsay Crocker, said a reserve day was not feasible.

"Logistics is a boring word but also the fundamental reason why we don't do it [reserve days].

"Delaying would mean ensuring we had flights and hotels available. We'd then have to double book everywhere and costs would go through the roof when you consider it involves two touring squads, match officials, the event team, broadcasting crews and media. That's probably 100-150 people or more.'