Saturday, January 16, 2016

Walmart City Council and The Living Wage (Corrected)

Wellington City's loopy green  Council might be interested to follow the fortunes of Walmart and its dabbling in high minimum 'living' wages for entry level staff, levels set by a failed Anglican cleric. (In Wellington, that is.)

Walmart did the right thing and bumped up the wages.  However, budgets being budgets, they reduced the hours of work.  The bastards!  The dopey progressives didn't even see it coming.

Along similar lines when MacDonalds went down the same track they replaced young workers with robots. 

Walmart didn't muck around.  They closed 145 stores andput ten thousand people out of work.

So there you go.  A living wage for a few.  Unemployment for many.

That's what you get for using a failed Anglican cleric with no knowledge of business or economics to set economic policy.  I wonder if Walmart's adviser was an Episcopalian or a Catholic?

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