Thursday, January 28, 2016


The NZ Herald reports that the guests coming to  Sky City to sign the TPP documents will be denied the now apparently normal degrading sensual assault by a bunch of overweight part Maoris either stamping, eye rolling and tongue poking or swinging bits on string all  performed by sweaty fattys.

Ngati Whatua Iwi have announced they will not offer the totally inappropriate if somewhat now customary funded performance that is merely cringe worthy to so many of us.

Hallelujah,  but I am assuming it is only  because the gate crashers  have a better offer on the table or are not back from holidays after all it is happening on February 4th.
The 21st century guests  not being subjected to a stoneage throwback charade as they make a truly modern step to a better world through an enhanced trade and commercial treaty that consigns otherwise outdated rules and mores to the dustbin of history is a best bit of news for some time.

As if the sight of another part Maori yelling at the Prime Minister at another anachronistic waste of time at a little village in South Wanganui or is that North Manawatu, was not sufficiently misinformed and downright inappropriate, further evidence of the ignorance and misunderstanding  being fostered by Neanderthals is hardly required.

Great decision Ngati Whatua even if made in error  from a heightened sense of relevance.

Enlightened NZ dodged that one.


Anonymous said...

Please Mr Dodger, you are standing in the way of a cultural renaissance. We have rugby hakas, wedding hakas, funeral hakas, hockey hakas, supermarket opening hakas, ramp hakas. Hakas to promote cultural awareness, army hakas, naval hakas and the under fives haka competition.

However the frivolous and unnecessary use of hakas is frowned upon by the elders, particularly if there is a few bob in it.

The fact that your great great grandfather stood in Wellingtons ranks at Waterloo, a battle that saved NZ, or served on the gun decks of Nelsons fleet is now irrelevant. We have only one history now.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

Fat Bastard said...

As I hear it Ngati Whatua ke Orakei weren't asked to do this, so they are refusing to do something nobody wanted them to do in the first place!!!

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