Thursday, January 7, 2016


continues with the sacking of Michael Dugher and Pat McFadden from the Shadow Cabinet sparking the resignations of Jonathon Reynolds and Stephen Doughty followed by Kevin Jones quitting as Defence Minister when the pro-trident Defence Secretary Maria Eagle was replaced by the unilateralist Emily Thornberry.

The plan spearheaded by Corbyn's Praetorian Guard (Momentum) to rid the shadow cabinet from those representing the moderate center of the Labour Party is clearly gathering force.    The only reason that Hilary Benn (Shadow Foreign Secretary) kept his job was to prevent him becoming the rallying point for the anti-Corbyn forces ... far better to have him inside the tent pissing out than the other way round.

Any pretense that Labour's review of their position on trident will be conducted honestly is gone.   The outcome is now pre-determined with the panel co-chaired by two self proclaimed unilateralists (Thornberry and Livingstone).   That will create further tensions.

Finally it appears that Corbyn has taken a leaf out of David Cunliffe's book (I am ashamed to be a man).   The new Shadow Cabinet has 17 women and 14 men.

Perhaps the final word needs to go to Michael Dugher.   In response to comments from Corbyn's office that he was sacked for 'incompetence and disloyalty' he tweeted 'not sure it's sensible for the leader and his office to get into a debate about loyalty or competence'.

Of course MilLord will have it that everything in the garden is rosy.   Problem is that roses can prick and some pricks may take a certain delight in shoving it right up Corbyn's nether regions.

Updated ... and the omni-shambles continues when hard left Ken Livingstone, joint chair of Labour's defence review team, said that the review would 'probably' look at whether the UK should remain a member of NATO only to be slapped down and told that was not part of the review.    Livingstone is the power behind the throne and a close confidant of Corbyn.   One suspects he will get his way.


Anonymous said...

Just a couple of questions;

If you have been elected to the position by the largest majority ever. Are you not entitled to choose your team?

Are you not entitled to get rid of the "champagne socialists" whom you also hold in contempt?

I'm not sure about your comment on the gender ratio. Is having a predominance of women a good thing or bad?

What has gone unnoticed is the Tory party tearing itself to pieces over the EU. But as the establishment in the main own the media the are putting the boot into Corbyn at every opportunity these inconveniences are played down.

My belief is that Trident has had it's day and the financial undertaking of replacing it will break the country. Having Trident has not stopped over a thousand British soldiers dying in Middle Eastern wars for lost causes and the retention of oil dominance. Nuclear deterrent by a small country is no longer viable unless you are going to be in lockstep with the US, and that I hope will not be the case.

Just yes or no to the questions Veteran

Lord Egbut.

The Veteran said...

MiLord ... yes, of course Corbyn is entitled to pick his leadership team but if in doing that he creates a situation where those on the outside feel they are being ignored and that their opinions count for nowt then, at some point, there will be a rebellion. Back people into a corner with nowhere to go and sometime someone will come out fighting.

Labour is moving away from being a broad church Party to one where the hard left has the upper hand and 'utu' is alive and well (along with the singing of the 'Red Flag') as revenge is visited upon those who dare to point out what happened last time Labour went down that path. By your comment clearly you are comfortable with that.

My point about gender is simply that in the Corbyn Labour Party quota and ideology trumps quality every-time with political correctness the holy grail.

As for Trident and there has always been a unilateralist streak in the Labour Party so nothing new there. It is an interesting debate and Corbyn has nailed his colours to the mast by saying he would never use it and, in doing so, he has effectively destroyed the rationale for it. Whether this 'principled' position will resonate with the wider constituency is a moot point. Some might not want to see GB playing second fiddle to the US, Russia, France, China, Israel, India, Pakistan and North Korea in the ability to project national power.

In respect of your comment about the EU referendum and I referred to this in my 2016 predictions post. Cameron was sensible to allow his members to campaign as they thought fit. Will be interesting to see if Corbyn follows Cameron's lead.

Anonymous said...

"My point about gender is simply that in the Corbyn Labour Party quota and ideology trumps quality every-time with political correctness the holy grail."

That is very sexist comment Veteran. Are you saying that they are there for window dressing in the place of better men?

Most people who are given the boot rarely leave quietly and with dignity without a Parthian shot. Sob,Sob nobody listens to me!

The Labour Party has never been a "broad church" it's roots lie in the left of the party and by left I don't mean Stalinist or Communist which are just labels continually put out by the press which leans towards unbridled capitalism.

You have quite stupid to believe Murdochs Daily Telegraph that called Corbyn a Stalinist and a pacifist all in the one sentence. The terms are mutually exclusive.

It matters not a jot whether he would use the Nuclear option as if the question arose it would be to late anyway as he would have to defer to the US, consult the French, who have there own Nuclear missiles, and talk with the Germans 'cos if the UK is Nuked so will most of of France be. UK plays second fiddle to the US and Russia already. There is no conceivable scenario where the UK could threaten anyone while looking after it's own national interests.

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

MiLord ... not me saying 'they' are window dressing. Comment from within Labour.

If you are comfortable with Labour not being a broad church then fine. Remind me what happened when they tried that last time under Michael Foote who 'coincidentally' was also a unilateralist (as well as wanting the UK out of the EU).

Corbyn is a self proclaimed pacifist and nothing wrong with that. I guess the Stalinist bit refers to the ridding himself from those around him who dare to voice a contrary opinion.

Clearly Seppuku is alive and well on planet Labour.