Thursday, January 28, 2016


The story so far ... Selwyn Clarke, 88 yo ratbag Maori activist and 'war' veteran had his War Disability Pension cut off after a warrant was issued for his arrest following his failure to attend Court on charges relating to the illegal occupation by Ngati Kahu of the Kaitaia Airport in September last year.   The occupation saw the abandonment of scheduled passenger service flights as well as medical flights into and out of the Far North.

Clarke claimed his 'kaupapa' did not allow him to recognise the authority of the Courts.     He received backing from Winston Peters who called for the reinstatement of his pension saying that the law under which he was arrested was highly questionable.

Let's deal with that claim first of all.   Peters is supposed to be a lawyer.   He should know the place to test the law is in the Courts and just why he would choose to go into bat for a serial protester who by his own admission has no respect for the law quite beggars belief.

But, as they say, there's more.   Clarke claims to have served with 28 Maori Battalion.   There are five Clarke's listed on the Battalion nominal roll ... none of them Selwyn Clarke and all dead.    Further, there are seven Karaka's (Maori for Clarke) listed ... none of them with the forenames Haki Herewini (Clarke's Maori forenames) and again, all dead.  

There is however evidence that he enlisted late in the war sailing to the Middle-East with the 15th Reinforcements.    That would have seen him on-board a ship when VE Day was announced.  The 15th Reinforcements landed in Egypt, were processed through to Italy to join the Division in time for them to be sent home. The only 'action' they saw would have been in Cairo or in some Italian Taverna.

The water gets muddier.   Clarke also claims he served as a Military Policeman and that would have seen him a member of the Divisional Provost Company and not 28 Battalion. I am inclined to believe this as my sources from within Maoridom tell me that Clarke was shunned by members of 28 Battalion when he tried to gatecrash on their gatherings.

But it gets better.   Clarke would have it that he first enlisted (at age 13 or 15 ... changing story) under an assumed name (not revealed) where he served with 28 Battalion in the western desert in the 1941-43 campaign.  He claims one of his tasks was to escort prisoners through minefields and further, that his platoon commander (unnamed) shot prisoners and that this continually haunts him.   Now clearly Clarke is not the sharpest knife in the drawer or else he would have realized that he was admitting to being an accessory to a war crime as defined in the London Charter (the Nuremburg Laws) of 1945.

If the story is correct then Clarke may get to know more about arrest warrants.   There is no statute of limitations for war crimes.

If the story is incorrect then Clarke has bought dishonor to 28 Battalion and to an unnamed officer, now dead, with false allegations of war crimes.

So, there it is, Selwyn Clarke, either and by his own admission an accessory to a war crime (the murder of POWs) or a liar about his service with 28 Battalion.
Whatever, he has no credibility at all and Winston Peters has made a huge mistake in aligning himself with him.

Perhaps the last word to my very good and well connected informant in the Far North who told me that Peters regularly sought his comment on local stories before going public.   On this occasion he didn't and if he had would have been told not to go near Clarke with a barge pole.    Clearly the lure of a headline was too much for Peters.   He will regret at leisure his cuddling up to a Maori activist who has no respect for the law and is either a war criminal or a liar to boot.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Well. Peters supports Ron "SAS" Mark and Selwyn "Maori Battalion" Clarke so perhaps it's about time someone had a closer look at Peters himself.

Did he actually complete a law degree? Ever?

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy said...

The Herald and Stuff on line have both rapidly hidden this story away.

The Northern Advocate has it open for comments still but then going from past experience they are quite happy to have their commentators expose 'wannabes'. I note though that they rapidly hid the exposure of Hirini Henare which leads me to believe they have more that they want to release on him at an appropriate time.

Perhaps they are waiting for the orchestrated litany of lies which is the WAI2500 Veterans Claims to complete before blowing it wide open.

alex Masterely said...


The answer to your question is yes as he was a partner in a Manukau Law firm, whose name is lost in the mists of time, before becoming an MP.

The Veteran said...

Adolf ... he did (although wisdom has it that he took five years to complete the degree instead of the normal three) but I don't think he holds a currant practicing certificate as his name doesn't show up on the Register.

TTSS ... I am advised that the Northland Age will run a blistering editorial on this in next Tuesday's edition.

gravedodger said...

Was that law firm Pokit Proddit and Ignorem
158 Thousand road,
Nevernever land,

Ask for Ms No No managing partner
Hours 11 30 till 12 on the sixth Friday of the month
No appointments possible.
Contact Seagers NZ our answering service
In cases of dire emergency try The Green Parrot,
Taranaki St,
Te Aro Wellington.
If it is juicy gossip and you really need to tell someone, try Skidmark and Prosser C/O Parliament Buildings,

pdm said...

` wisdom has it that he took five years to complete the degree instead of the normal three.'

Lucky student loans weren't around then. Imagine how much, plus interest, would be outstanding now!!

Anonymous said...

Alex Masterly...How is Clive these days?
Veteran..A blistering attack by the Age is like being savaged by a hamster. When will the big dailies pick up on Wai2500?
Tinker.....Ask the Advocate if and when and they will expose this bunch of saddo's and you be provided with a waffle on a stick.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

Anonymous said...

Why is it the Brits are on the ball and we are not? Why do New Zelandrs have a never ending battle with inertia.

From the top UK Newspaper..

" A law firm brought a case alleging a British soldier had shot dead an Iraqi civilian more than a decade after Danish troops had already accepted they were responsible and paid compensation, a minister has disclosed.

Penny Mordaunt, the Armed Forces minister, said this was an example of spurious cases being bought by parasitical lawyers whose behaviour was an “enemy of justice and humanity”.

Ministers say they are facing unprecedented “lawfare” from legal firms who have bought more than 1,500 allegations of abuse and unlawful killing against British troops in Iraq.

Ms Mordaunt told the Commons that lawyers were presenting often “morally unjustifiable” cases on an “industrial scale”. "

Herald take note how proper papers expose lies and accusations against soldiers.

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Maori TV, the Herald and Stuff ran the story without doing a modicum of research choosing instead to rely on the word of a person that Maoridom (those with a service background) knew was a fake. There is however, in Maoridom, a collegial willingness to forgive and forget and that does not serve them well when faced with the likes of Selwyn Clarke.

The reality too is that on the Marae embellishment is tolerated/accepted as legitimate in order to make the point ... and sometimes embellishment is presented as a truth and that's where it can all go terribly wrong as Mr Clarke will find out where it is likely his story/lies will shortly see him afforded a permanent place in the ANZMI hall of dishonor.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy said...

Well done. Good luck with ANZMI, good things take time, they're still working on the other Northland 'Vet' Mr Hirini Henare [an ex-SAS Fighter Pilot no less].

WinstonFirst is still pushing this on Facebook today. Lord Eggbut Nobacon would be amused by the comments of his supporters. I say that because by persisting Winnie is heading for much more than a simple 'egg-on-face'. It's looking more like a multi egg Omelette.

Seems that someone has posted a link to this particular page and also to another from Mr Slater. A group called Soldier Five has also winged in. The Winnie faithful are struggling against the facts. The WinstonFirst expert on all military affairs, an ex SAS Vehicle Mechanic is conspicuous by his absence from the debate.

The Realist said...

Veteran it takes 4 years to complete an LLB

Anonymous said...

"Veteran it takes 4 years to complete an LLB"
So it took only one extra year. No wonder Veteran had to embellish it.

The Veteran said...

Realist/Anon ... one year, two years whatever. Winston was and is generally considered a lazy bugger who prefers sound bites over the hard yards. Hence his support for SC.

In aligning himself with SC Winston continues to make himself a laughing stock.

And lets not even go down the path of his anti TPPA stance where he sits four square with the Greens, the Labour Party B Team, Bomber Bradbury, John Minto and Sue Bradford and forgetting of course he was Foreign Minister when the China FTA was signed, stayed stum and duly trooped into the Ayes Lobby when the enabling legislation was passed through the House. Some might call that hypocritical ... I couldn't possibly comment.

ngatimozart said...

Selwyn Clarke, aka Haki Herewini KARAKA, served with the 15th Reinforcements of the 28th Maori Battalion which left New Zealand and were at sea when the war in Europe ended on 7 May 1945. They arrived in Egypt that month and were sent to Italy later in the year, but did not see action with the 28th Māori Battalion. So if he claims he saw active service, then it is all lies. According to the site he didn't volunteer to for Jay Force either. If the claims that he is claiming stolen valour are verified then he can be outed as a Walter Mitty type and details published on an Australian NZ site who hunt these people down.

Michael Wynd said...

I saw that Paul Little ran a piece yesterday on this shyster in support. Shows that the media will not now even do some basic investigation. Supporting a blatant hypocrite is about par for the course of Little I guess.