Sunday, January 31, 2016


Any person with a passing awareness of the real world instinctively knows that free is not free it is only that someone else funded it.
Any give away will be taken up with alacrity by many more who do not need it than those who do have a need and would otherwise miss out.
Many recipients of a free product have absolutely no idea of its real value, they don't need to know do they.

Little Angry Andy Little, the current, albeit getting more temporary with each day that passes leader of the largest opposition party, has today announced three free years of study for anyone who wants it.
No addressing a perceived need or skill shortage, every New Zealand citizen will at any time after leaving high school until they die will have an entitlement to study any subject for three years without fees.

I am into my eighth decade so I wonder what I could squander scarce resources on by way of a meaningless three years at a place of higher learning.

Recently invested in hearing aids at considerable cost totally unsubsidised by the local health board or ACC and during consultations with a delightful young lady we discussed how many of my peers have been given such technological assistance at zero cost, and the expensive equipment languishes in a drawer along with the endless supply of free batteries.
Aforementioned consultant said there had been a major revamp under the current government with part charges that had significantly reduced the mindless waste and that was a good thing.

Such restraint removed by  ending any part charge announced today will see young people in their thousands hunting for jobs with a social, political, bone carving, nannying,  arts or other useless qualification on their bedroom wall wondering why they are not being swamped with job offers bringing untold riches.

Hello youth of 2017 as you consider rewarding such idiocy as a vote for the muppets who cannot even agree whether the TPP is going to reward those who will be forced to pay for your freeby, just ask your Dad, Mum or Uncle who are being squeezed to finance such lunacy if they think your free bit of parchment is an answer.
Chances are they will feel they are being smashed by such  lunacy, your meaningless and free qualification has many already with such useless bits of paper flipping burgers and filling shopping bags at New World.

This latest bribery will do absolutely nothing to relieve the considerable skill shortages in the vital areas of the economy and any way a prospective student can already access such freebies at Tim's Southland Polytech.

Never mind it is only another billion as the Irish dropkick said to state TV autocue readers.


Angry Tory said...

Bribery plain and simple.

We need a Constitution that prevents this kind of government bribery of non-citizens and non-taxpayers - and a government that will end the huge welfare rorts once and for all: not just education, but benefits, health, super, and all the rest.

Allan said...

There is no such thing as "free" someone ends up paying. In this case the burden once again is place on the average taxpayer of NZ some of whom will never be in a position to use this so called free offer. User pays is by far the fairest way of doing things as far as a University Education is concerned. It encourages those who are attending University to actually work and achieve because of the costs that they are incurring. Once again the Loonie Left are showing their absolute ineptitude in proposing a policy which can only end in tears with no thought as to the final costs of this pie in the sky scheme. The policy should be withdrawn immediately as it is unaffordable and nothing but another bribe being offered by an increasingly desperate left wing bunch of clowns in order to try and gain the halls of power. With this type of policy all that they are proving is that they are not capable of responsible Government and think nothing of spending other peoples hard earned cash recklessly. I agree with Angry Tory in that we need a Constitutional Policy which prevents this.