Monday, January 18, 2016


Last night two short form cricket games went where few could imagine.

In the Tron a NZ T/20 team that had been out played a few days earlier by Pakistan, totally demolished them to set up a tantalising third encounter next Friday in Welly. Skipper Kane Williamson and Martin Guptil set a new record for any opening partnership in running down the somewhat ordinary target of 168 without losing a wicket.

Even less likely imeho The Ausies ran down a third three hundred 50 over target set by Dhoni's Men, well after 309 and 308, 296 was not quite 300 but with regular wickets falling the Big Show found himself in the gun and he responded with 96 much of what was somewhat conservative in reality.

Compelling entertainment.

ps I am very glad Mr Cairns seems to be free to recover what he can of a seriously damaged life with the Curry Muncher abandoning his futile pursuit of a man who remains a legend as a cricketer.
I have no doubt as to which of Chris Cairns and Lalit Modi I would want as a dinner guest.


Big Bruv said...

Do you really think Cairns is innocent Dodger?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

The Indians have dropped far too many easy catches and missed too many other opportunities for wickets to be any longer classed as a top notch side. I enjoy watching their superb batsmen but that's where their talent runs out.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Big Bruv

He's not been found guilty but I suspect he was in it up to his neck.

gravedodger said...

Does it really matter what I think.
It seemed rather stupid for Modi to pick Chris Cairns out wen it is more than probable He and star witness Vincent were just grains of sand on a beach of dodgy.

Now it is World Tennis and those two games that inspired this post could give cynics cause.

As one who only bets on certainties it is less than of any serious concern to me.

Should the whole stinking mess preclude me from stating support for a man cleared by british justice, a venerable institution that enjoys a formidable reputation

I guess poor old Chris was for the big house because he played for Canterbury anyway.

He is not guilty of perjury and has never been proved to be involved in match fixing so take your slander and choke on it.

The Veteran said...

Adolf ... "the Indians have dropped far too many easy catches" ... quelle surprise. Whose the little rich boy(s) then?

Big Bruv said...
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Anonymous said...

Adolf, they are not INDIANS. They are Muslim wife stoning Pakistani soldiers of Islam who if Trump has his way would not be allowed in the country. Do try and get it right occasionally.

Dodger, I detect the whiff of standards being doubled.

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... think you are a tad confused. Adolf is talking about Oz vs India one day series ... not the Pakis vs Blackcaps 20/20.

gravedodger said...

What part of cleared by courts escapes.

I accept that "Match Fixing" in many forms and guises always accompanies sport when betting is a bedfellow.

Mr Bruv why do you think exposing me to legal consequences from your libel is something that will be welcomed.

You choosing to expose me and my colleagues to legal consequences of your clear prejudicial un- substantiated allegation is not acceptable.
Of course should you choose to make your allegations under your actual name would give some protection but until that happens the delete button will be my defence.