Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Spark - Hastings Office Lack Of Customer Awareness

At Christmas my family brought me a new cellphone to replace my slowly dying 5 year old ($31) model which is used mainly to receive calls and with any calls I make charged to our household Spark account so I don't need to worry about having funds on the phone. In order to avoid the laborious process of transferring my contacts individually about an hour ago I bowled in to the Hastings Spark outlet to get them to do it for me - a service they have provided on more than one occasion for me over the last 15/20 years. This time no service whatsoever because I could not tell them where the phone was purchased - it was after all a gift - and they would therefore charge me for this previously free service. I left and will do it the laborious but tried and true way myself. What was the icing on my whole sorry experience was that the (about 20 year old) female assistant did not stop chewing gum the whole time she was talking to me. SPARK - you need to sort out your Hastings Store - the service is awful!! For your information I currently pay you a minimum of $120 a month for all of the services you provide my household - this is now under review.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Look on the bright side pdm. At least she didn't fart, did she?

Noel said...

Ok so your complaint is the assistant was following policy of charging for the service for a non Spark supplied phone? Oh yeah she was chewing gum. What is customer service comming to these days.

warren said...

I think that each Spark store is a separate franchise and she was just saying "this phone was puchased from someone else and you expect us to sort it out!" Having said that I would have in the circumstances sorted the problem out as a happy owner may buy from me next time