Monday, January 4, 2016


After a total absence of protest or even published comment on a stream of atrocities against victims,  who often appeared to be just caught up in the maelstrom of increasingly disgusting violence at the hands of the Daesh, a nonentity  cleric from another branch of the religion of peace gets executed. Under what passes for justice in the very strange world of Saudi after what seems to be legal process for opposing the Whabibi sect that the rabbit warren of governance follow there, and the worlds media and the Islamists of the other mob are rioting in the streets at what they see as an "atrocity".

What about the Aid worker in the very beginnings of the Daesh death cult, not a bloody whimper !
At least the 47 judicially slaughtered received their ticket to Allah after some due process and not at the hands of a mob witnessing and all too often supporting a Kangaroo court process.
Hell even good old Ceausescu and his missus had a semblance of a "trial" before summary execution, not much evidence of due process for the poofs that get tossed of a third floor  with only their clothes and a blindfold for pain relief. of course any signs of life after hitting the pavement and a stoning follows just to make it all better.


Andrei said...

Aid worker is usually double speak for CIA agent Gravedodger just as contractor is double speak for a USA supported mercenary

Shelldrake said...


Grow up. Believe it or not there are some innocents out there. Not everyone is in the employ of your dreaded US tyranny.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Hear hear.

Andrei said...

Grow up. Believe it or not there are some innocents out there. Not everyone is in the employ of your dreaded US tyranny.

I'd guess the Shiite cleric beheaded in Saudi Arabia wasn't - And I do not think the Saudi justice system is often held a model of legal probity.

But there you go

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


For the Sausis it is. If you go there, play by their rules. Just as a couple of Aussie drug dealers found last year in Indonesia.

Andrei said...

Adolf old chum Saudi Arabia is the most tyrannical nation on this planet, an absolute monarchy ruled by the House of Saud kept in place first by the British and then with Great Britain's decline by the USA

It has the fourth largest military in the world but it is probably not particularly effective though exceptionally well equipped

The only power in the region that can potentially match it is Iran

Iran's (potential) allies in the region are Yemen, Iraq and Syria - all places currently in a state of turmoil (this is not a coincidence)

This mass execution was an attempt to intimidate the Shiite minority in Saudi Arabia who have cultural affinities with Iran - nothing to do with due process or law

Andrei said...

There is a congruence here: ISIS' latest video star is a young boy from the UK whose father is a jihadi fighter and who vows to kill in next release after five 'British spies' are executed on camera

Still if you want to be played like a fiddle who am I to stop you?

But if you want to seriously rid the world of a mad dog you have to go to the heart of the beast not fight on its side to advance its influence and power

You dumb bunnies

Anonymous said...

Before you read this article read Robert Fisks Wiki profile......

Lord Egbut Nobacon

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Robert Fisk is to the Middle East as Al Gore is to Clobal Warmiing.

Anonymous said...

Another cryptic comment by Adolf. Only in his head does he know the meaning.

Lord Egbut