Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Sibling Rivalry

Today an entertaining and clever comment was posted by Legbut's Brother:-

"Anonymous Anonymous said...

I vigorously object to this stain on our family name. Ever since Adolf the Demented, founder of Pillagers “R” Us, stormed ashore at Milford Haven in 700AD our family has had a long and honourable history of fighting Adolfs wherever we found them.

Our family crest flew at Hastings 1066 where we engaged Willie Conks right wing commanded by Adolf L’bizzarre a direct descendant of Adolf the Demented who in turn was the ancestor of Adolf Pickelhaube, known as “Flachkopf” to his men, in 1917 to whom we played many a jolly jape.
It was a mere 20 years later when we were forced to confront Adolf Schickelgruber, our sternest test yet and we were not found wanting.

For a member of my family to be deblogged for tweaking the nose of an Adolf is an insult beyond words and will not be taken lightly. You will be hearing from our Solicitor.

Lord Egbuts Brother

January 20, 2016 at 1:29 AM"

Clearly this chap got the lion's share of the  brains when they were dished out in the But family.

He is most welcome to comment further but if he is wise, he will heed his brother's errors and make sure to read the blog rules set out in Adolf's profile.


pdm said...

The tenor of `brothers' effort suggests he and Egbut are one and the same.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


PDM, it's a game we are playing here.

Nookin said...

You will be relieved to know that it is personal, Adolf, and not just something you said.

The Veteran said...

I for one am impressed ... so much so that I took it upon myself to seek guidance from my mate Geoff (Lord) Archer. He confirmed to me the structure of the prose by Lord Egbut (the Younger), was such that it is clear he is steeped in the High Tory tradition and, by definition, one of the good guys. Sibling rivalry indeed.

Noel said...

Adolf the demented. I'm sure JEFFERY would approve.