Monday, January 11, 2016


Yet another dropkick lawyer rebranded as a District Court Judge falls for a sob story from a smart Lawyer  and possible judge in waiting.

A mixed race thug gets all twisted over his ex Babe going out to a public bar with another potential inseminator so the big brave bastard follows the interloper into a toilet of the Bar where the change in social structure was discovered and gives him the bash.

Another brave Idiot now assessed as a DC Judge but totally disconnected from reality,   Peter Rollo, accepts that a conviction for such an attack "could prejudice the thugs future", so enters a discharge without conviction and orders the thug to purchase an alternative concept of unforeseen consequences at a cost of $500 to be paid to the unfortunate victim as compensation for "emotional harm".

Mr Idiot Rollo, would that constitute Justice if Mr Promising Rugby Player and cowardly thug should give you the bash in a mens toilet because he was offended by a perfectly lawful and accepted social behaviour you had embarked on, say not standing aside for his clearly better self to enter the said restroom first.
Maybe you could have made your inexplicable understanding of crime and consequences more 2016 by giving Mr 'Thug' Teariki Two Dads, permanent name suppression so the coward could carry on with his life while having all other aspiring rugby players in Wellington sharing the stigma guilt for his thuggery.

Mr Ben - Nicholas needed to be given a  clear message that because an Ex GF had seen sense to drop him for someone else, now revealed as  completely understandable, and his idea that he, having the temerity to supersede you as a preferred mate resulting in you asserting your masculine basic stoneage response is all so wrong that most have now consigned it to history.

So The cowardly thug locked in primeval behaviour might have to change direction for a career path, he and his all too numerous ilk need to get such basic thinking to the forefront of their conception of what constitutes acceptable behaviour but Mr Judge Rollo has failed us all,  his employers, by his abject failure.


Ross said...

I quite agree. That sort of violence is just not acceptable and he'll probably cost his team penalties because of his lack of self-control and immaturity. So why let his sport get him treated leniently?

pdm said...

Ross - he plays for a Hurricanes team so on field penalties are the norm.