Friday, January 22, 2016


Four ferals  having stolen fuel by driving off, commenced a speed runaway from East of Alex, through Cromwell, through the Kaiwara Gorge did a loop towards Arrowtown then headed to Qtown only to be stopped by a mob of sheep blocking the road.

With one deflated tire from a partial failure of road spikes how embarrassing to be caught out by a mob of sheep, the added irony being the sheep being moved on the road belonged to a local policeman.


Anonymous said...

Who would have thought ruffians headed to Qtown!

My son has lived in Qtown for some years now and always said it was great with the very rare troubles arising from outsiders from the south (Invercargill). Recently he has become disillusioned with traffic becoming very congested, some crime appearing, houses becoming far too expensive to even contemplate buying and rents going through the roof. Even as a self employed tradesman earning good money he is of a view he simply can't afford to live there anymore. I love visiting the place but when houses are $750,000 up so you can't get a foot in the door.

Maybe the gloss is wearing off?


Angry Tory said...

Of course if we had properly armed cops and laws allowing them to use those arms this wouldn't have been a problem for more than five minutes.

Anonymous said...

That'll larn em for fleecing the service station.

Noel said...

Another stolen vehicle involved. When are the laws on stolen vehicles going to reflect the fact thst the perpetrators don't give a toss about the mayhem the cause.