Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Get pinged for travelling on a straight road at 105 kph with a dry road , sober driver, no other vehicle in view, in good visibility and the law says you will pay the state money.

Set up outside a grand old business, the only one remaining in the CBD of Christchurch, claim a burglary of a camper van has left a tourist couple in dire straights, begging for money and apparently no-one in the constabulary bothers to ascertain if there might be a case of gaining pecuniary advantage by fraud.

The couple who have never made any contact with police to report the theft of everything they possessed, have been operating for nearly a month and been buying some rather unexpected items from a nearby convenience store, for people supposedly destitute.

IMHO spending a month on the street outside Ballantynes begging, indicates either mental illness or a serious attempt to get around earning income on a visitors visa.
If they were indeed victims of a criminal act am I unreasonable to be cynical plod has no record of a complaint .

American tourists who claim everything was stolen from their camper van have taken to begging on the street.

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The Veteran said...

Ugly feet and still money for toenail polish. Can I suggest the good burghers of ChCh have been done like a dinner.