Saturday, January 16, 2016


Any rationale argument against the signing of the TPP appears to have gone by the board.

Cut through the rhetoric and Labour's opposition to the deal is nothing more than KDS that National finished what Helen Clark and Phil Goff started.     It does Labour no credit, no credit at all, to fly the straw-man (and now discredited) argument that the agreement doers not prevent investors with 'chinky' sounding names purchasing property in NZL.   FFS, China is not even a party to the agreement.   Still, anything for a sound bite even though it involves playing dog-whistle politics in a style perfected by WRP.

An aside to that and in response to Labour/Phil Twyford's anti-chinese crusade it is interesting to note that Phil Quin, long time Labour Party activist, is promoting the idea of running a candidate in Twyford's Te Atatu seat in the knowledge that while he/she wouldn't win and that Twyford would probably make it make into parliament as a List MP, it would send a message that when you play the race card in an ethnically diverse electorate you do so at your peril.

As for Andrew Little saying that Labour, in Goverment, would simply defy those portions of the TPPA it didn't agree with and he has just demonstrated how unfit he is to be Prime Minister.    Do that and NZL would become a pariah state where it's word would count for nowt.   Huge own goal from the 'little' man.

The reality is that the 'chicken little' campaign waged against the TPPA promoted by the likes of Jane Kelsey and the Greens has largely been shown as something akin to the 'Emperor without any clothes'.   In any set of negotiations it's a matter of give and take and, in this case, we gave a bit and gained a lot.   This is borne out by the analysis conducted by the World Bank.   Of the partnership countries, NZL comes in forth behind Vietnam, Malaysia and Brunei with a projected GDP growth resulting from the agreement assessed at 3.5% and well ahead of Canada (1.5%), Australia (1%) and the US (0.5%).

And then we have the absurd last ditch effort promoted by a Greens MP in waiting and endorsed by the perennially angry Brian Gould (ex UK Labour MP and sometime Vice Chancellor of Waikato University where he was widely seen as ineffective) to petition the Governor-General to decline the royal assent to any legislation giving effect to the agreement.   Never mind that the GG doesn't have the constitutional power to decline a request by a duly elected government enjoying the confidence of parliament.   Quite amazing really the suggestion thatt the GG should enjoy presidential powers that override the wishes of parliament.   News for them.   In this country parliament is wedded to the Westminster system of government and long should it remain so.

The signing of the agreement by the participating countries will take place in NZL shortly.   The fact that it will happen here is fair acknowledgement by the twelve nations involved of the crucial role played by John Key and Tim Groser in bringing negotiations to a successful conclusion.    

There will be protest on the streets orchestrated by the anti free-trade Greens and the Luddite elements of the Labour Party who refuse to acknowledge that NZL lives and dies by trade. There is a fair chance any protest will be high-jacked by loony-tunes from both the right and left side of the political spectrum ranging from conspiracy theorists who see the TPPA as evidence of the move towards a mythical 'One World Government' to the John Mintos and the Hone Harawiris of this world where anything that National does must, by definition, be wrong and doubly wrong.

For these people naked violence is seen as legitimate protest.   One expects the authorities to plan accordingly.  

Gueeez ... if Granny Herald is supportive of the signing then it must be right.


Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy said...

I 'liked' the Winstonfirst page on facebook as the comments were a source of amusement however the calls to assassinate John Key have gone over the top. One hopes that page and others are being closely monitored.

Any hope that Winston has of another fleeting touch of the 'baubles' should the next National Government decide to feel sorry for the old drunk will have been thoroughly negated by the rantings on his sycophants, driven may I say by that offensive little twerp who was selected by the SAS to change the spark plugs in their Vehicles.

The Veteran said...

Peters has more positions on the TPPA than the Kama Sutra. To his bunch of his mainly elderly sycophants who believe WRP is god he will argue that signing the agreement is a breech of national sovereignty ... when he talks to farmers it's fine but .....

He shot any residual credibility in the dairy farming sector when he argued that Fonterra should withdraw from the auction process until dairy prices improved. Just where product was to be stored and who was going to foot the bill; just how you got over the problem of an aging product and when might farmers expect payment and from whom were questions that were never answered.

WRP is yesterdays man with yesterdays answers to a world that no longer exists. He remains marooned in the 1960s and wishing for a return to a largely regulated economy where the concept of free trade is an anathema.

Ross said...

It is ironic that it was a Labour Prime Minister and former delegate of the Nelson Biscuit Workers' Union who made sure during 1984-90 that the Governor-General does NOT have the sort of power that Gould stupidly thinks exists. Kerr's actions in 1975 in Australia ensured that Labour governments both in NZ and Oz almost totally got rid of any real powers that a Governor-General might once had had.

Grant Michael McKenna said...

From context, I can tell that KDS means something similar to petulance, but what does it stand for? It is an acronym that I don't know.

"Labour's opposition to the deal is nothing more than KDS that National finished what Helen Clark and Phil Goff started."

Anonymous said...

It will be favourable for the developed countries and hugely beneficial for the US. The less developed countries will be put at a disadvantage and it will slow development leading to other long term problems. The big question "is NZ a developed country"? I do not believe it is. Our industrial capacity is less than Peru so we have a long way to go and I think that the TPA will put us behind the eight ball in everything except agriculture.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...


KDS = Key Derangement Syndrome

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... Rick Rowden wrote that analysis six months before the deal was concluded. He might have been Jane Kelsey.

So, according to you the World Bank analysis is a crock?

Anonymous said...

Great summary. I have always advocated free-trade and the TPPA is marvelously beneficial to NZ. In the late 1960s I recall the desolation and panic in NZ when the UK (which had been until that time our prime export market) turned its back on us to join Europe. This is our day in the sun to join a significant trade deal, let's get on with it and simply ignore the whiners!


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Egbut, are you a cuzzie of Will E Coyote?

You seem to spend such a lot of time falling flat on your face.

And so erudite! What a waste.

The Veteran said...

Cadwallader ... thank you. I guess what really disappoints me is that National gave bi-partisan support to Helen Clark and Phil Goff when they in government negotiated the FTA with China and the P4 Agreement which later morphed into the TTPA.

Labour's support for the TPPA remained constant after Phil Goff took over the Labour Party leadership following their election defeat and continued during the short tenure of David Shearer. The landscape changed when the 'B' team dumped on Shearer and decided to put narrow party political interest ahead of the national interest. Little has continued down that road where he has demonstrated an incredible lack of political finesse and judgement in running with both the hares and the hounds.

Anonymous said...

When I try to debate the TPPA with it amazes me how many people ascribe its very being to John Key looking after his BIG business mates. The usual statement is to the effect that if it was to be a benefit to NZ it wouldn't have been negotiated in private. The media will cover the whiners and idiots who deplore the TPPA as you'd expect. Little? PM material, give us all a break, he is a cloth capped idiot.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


When the loony left control the media, the universities and the schools, it is no wonder your children and everyone else's are filled with the garbage you describe.

It takes ten years at least before they wake that they have been conned.

Anonymous said...

There is not a lot joined up thinking going on here, Adolf in particular, as he thinks the sun goes out every time Trump pulls his pants up.
Trade delegations and trade commission people from Brunei and Malaysia refused entry to US?...Restriction of trade I think, bye bye TPA.

Chili produces top quality white wine at a fraction of our cost and they rule the KIwifruit market, watch this space and wait for the screams of outrage from Marlborough. In the 1970s they imported Aussie experts and kit for the suger cane industry which now is bigger then QLD, watch this space.

The agreement is long and complex and I have not read it but I bet the Vietnamese will only pay lip service to it and they will be impossible to police while we play by the rules.

Veteran I KNOW the world bank is crock as I have witnessed enough of their fuck ups and the siphoning of money in Africa over the years. I wouldn't trust them to orginise a lolly scramble.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

Anonymous said...

"Naked Violence" this I want see Veteran can you take a vid for me? Adolf, you are totally devoid of original thought and as Oscar Wilde said "Your face bears the impression of the last arse to sit on it" which was his inimitable way of saying you adopt the thoughts of the last person you talked to.

Just a few refs for that august institute the world bank whose ethos is "Budgets must be met, allocated money must be spent and we must only hire compliant people. Remind me to tell you about the millions lost on a an Australian led cattle breeding scheme on the edge of Tsetse fly country. Would they listen, would they fuck. And thsi is te mob who are backing TPA. Stupidity is cyclic.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

Anonymous said...

Adolf, I apologise. I am the anon at 2.31pm on 17th January. I overlooked my name.

PS How do you endure the Egbut ramblings?

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... you are certainly a font of all knowledge ... expert on military strategy and tactics honed by your intimate knowledge of the Bren gun; instructive analysis on the world political scene (with special reference to US/UK/NZ) 'from an entirely disinterested and neutral position of course' and now, insightful comment on free trade issues. You are a marvel, I stand/sit in awe of your intellect.

I'm sure you can point to any number of investments made by banks of all stripes that go tits up. But the reality is that the World Bank is a force for good with the ability to make a real difference in the third world ... not sure that even you could find much to fault with their two main goals for the world to achieve (in association with the WB) by 2030 #1 end extreme poverty by decreasing the % of people living in less than USD1.90/day to no more than 3% and #2 promote shared prosperity by fostering the income growth of the bottom 40% in every country.

Yep, the World Bank sure is evil/bad and any analysis by them immediately suspect and, why not, when compared with the great minds of this world such as yourself.

As to your challenge re the naked violence ... sorry. don't have the pics to prove it but would you accept as source your poster-boy blog where they removed links on a post inciting violence or even this from Granny Herald regarding an anti TPPA demonstration. orchestrated by Kelsey and Green MP Catherine Delahunty, which resulted in two members of the police being attacked with one of them having his head kicked in while lying on the ground ... nice. The reality is that when you sleep with dogs you're liable to get fleas.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


I don't put up with the pretentious idiot. He's banned from my blog. This is Veteran's blog and thus far he has shown much more patience than God gave me.

However, I sense even that may well be drawing to a close.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Once again you fail to disappoint Adolf. Try arguing your case instead of slagging off all those who disagree with you. I had no idea I was barred from any blog but it comes as no surprise that you lack the basic courtesy to advise me.

As you are one of the last contributors to this blogsite one would have thought you would be more amenable to different views rather than dismiss others with the contempt of the right wing bully boy approach. I am genuinely perplexed as to how you can support Trump who will ban Muslims from the US on one hand and on the other be supportive of a trade deal where two member countries of the TPA are forbidden to send trade delegations to the US on the basis of their religion.

I see Veterans in attack mode again which makes me feel sad. All I wanted to see was naked bodies and not hear about policemen being given a shoeing and have absolutely no idea what the last paragraph is about. Oscar Wilde again Veteran something about sarcasm being the lowest form of wit, I better not go any further as I might be barred for speaking out. However if the worst comes to the worst one cannot imagine the size of the fuck I do not give.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

Anonymous said...

Veteran, as I worked for two years on a world bank project in Africa I suspect I'm better versed in the subject than you and it was you who seemed to accept the World Banks figures on TPA as written by the hand of God.

The World Bank started out in 1944 with high ideals and worked quite well but had reached it's sell by date by the late 50's due to empire building and corruption. The World Banks idea that you can have a free trade agreement between countries with vastly different economic levels and standard of living has been proved a nonsense. Germany, UK and France are slowly strangling the economic growth of the EU's poorest countries because of free trade.

Please do me the courtesy of at least reading this before launching into attack mode.

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... I have no intention of banning you (or anyone) from my blog unless the person goes personal as Noel did. re 'Naked violence' ... not a laughing matter for those on the receiving end and I'm somewhat surprised at your attempt to dumb down the incident by referring to it as a 'shoeing' as if that was ok and to be expected.

Cut through the rhetoric regarding the WB. Their analysis of the nett benefit to NZL is generally in line with other commentators. I do find it rather ironical that you position yourself along with the High Tory Mill owners of yesteryear for whom free trade was an anathema.

Anonymous said...

I was being slightly facetious on the banning as I am distraught over being banned from Adolf's attempt at social engineering. There is 'Free Trade" which, like free lunches are rarely free and balanced trade which balances out the inequities of two countries. Free trade en masse advantages the rich.

Lord egbut

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... one can also argue the tariffs subsidize the inefficient at a cost to all.