Tuesday, January 19, 2016

On Banning

Commenter Legbut is complaining he has been banned from Adolf's blog without being told about it.

Like other trolls, he never bothered to read the house rules and launched into numerous insults and slights upon the chracter of his blog host.

"House Rules 1 Blog commenters who cast aspersions upon the character or intelligence of Adolf will find themselves ejected from No Minister"

Upon banning a pestilent commenter it is my habit to bid him/her goodbye in comments.  If I failed so to do on this occasion, I couldn't care less.  Trolls deserve no civility.


Nookin said...

Would you like to volunteer as moderator for other blogs? I like your style.

Gavin said...


The Veteran said...

My position is as stated previously. I don't mind being called out when I'm wrong but when commentators get overly personal that's where I draw the line. I expect and welcome vigorous debate on my posts because that's what it's all about and I will admit to being 'ever so slightly' provocative at times in order to encourage debate (and it works).

I don't see this or any blog worth its salt as a mutual admiration society and, for the record, there are opposition MPs I would gladly share a beer with (and have) and a few government members whom I would cross the road to avoid. No names.

Anonymous said...

Well said Veteran. If you promote your ideas on this platform then you must expect criticism and a bit of pisstaking.

This is no place for those with thin skin and a sensitive disposition

Anonymous said...

Its your blog you do what the hell you like with it and I have no issue with that.
But if I'm too be honest the comments have been a bit strangled with the trolling of the pontificating lefty that feints the aristocracy.

Anonymous said...

I vigorously object to this stain on our family name. Ever since Adolf the Demented, founder of Pillagers “R” Us, stormed ashore at Milford Haven in 700AD our family has had a long and honourable history of fighting Adolfs wherever we found them.

Our family crest flew at Hastings 1066 where we engaged Willie Conks right wing commanded by Adolf L’bizzarre a direct descendant of Adolf the Demented who in turn was the ancestor of Adolf Pickelhaube, known as “Flachkopf” to his men, in 1917 to whom we played many a jolly jape.
It was a mere 20 years later when we were forced to confront Adolf Schickelgruber, our sternest test yet and we were not found wanting.

For a member of my family to be deblogged for tweaking the nose of an Adolf is an insult beyond words and will not be taken lightly. You will be hearing from our Solicitor.

Lord Egbuts Brother

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

A brother who can't read.

Best you bugger off back to pommyland.

Anonymous said...

"Adolf the demented" Never have truer words been posted.