Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Albeit glacial in real time.

Is it just me or is there some awakening in what Slater accurately describes as The Media Party, a bunch of barely educated morons with a rather tawdry bit of paper from a "Place of learning" designating them rather extravagantly as "journalists", are starting to see the light.

European media are suggesting the flood of Economic Migrants currently still creating an expanding  mayhem might just possibly overwhelm the social order of the host countries.

This morning Chris Lynch who has been whining his way across the airwaves of The Village of The Damned for too long and at present filling the national seat of morning radio for Leighton Smith has joined in with ringing the alarm bells.

Alas Lynch is still perpetrating the Myth that the swarm of mainly young men are "Refugees" when that Great Lie, one good old Joe Goebbels would have been in awe of, is daily being dismantled by the  Cell Phones, the apparent access to money and the total arrogance of those troops when confronted with the reality offered by the moronic do gooders who continue to act with their blindfolds firmly in place.

French taxpayers have built a container village to alleviate the worst that winter is visiting on the inhabitants of a tent city at Calais where the soldiers of Islam scheme as to how they can breach the Channel to get to UK. Have the migrants accepted that largesse, hell no, they stay in their deteriorating tents to maximise what they see as the propaganda high ground.
Ever so slowly the dribble of information comes over the weir of media suppression and now the total of criminal complaints, including assault, thieving, molesting and even actual rape, from New Years Eve is over 600 and climbing. Police investigating are equally slowly confirming the very significant links to Islam, North Africa, and the Middle East.
Even Aunty Angela, the German Chancellor is now openly admitting that Germany may not have the structures to deal with the invasion.

In case anyone is thinking my assessment is over egged New Years Eve was two bloody weeks ago!

With increasing border controls to belatedly regain some of the lost ground in the face of well over a million Islamists seeking welfare and comparative sanctuary in the Northern European states, it is apparent that the climate of truth that so many have sought to manipulate and control is increasingly moving to the reality that is hiding in clear view.
Now that is Climate Change I can understand and although, too little, too late, it might just give a chance of some small hope that a battle is winnable.


Anonymous said...

You shouldn't real believe all you read in the print media Dodger, after all you are the first to put the boot into the media when it suits you.

In 1940 France absorbed one and a half million refugees. In 1945 Germany, bombed to rubble, absorbed twelve million refugees and displaced persons of all political and religious persuasions.

But enough about history and the many mass migrations. What is your answer Dodger let us have the benefit of your knowledge. What should we as a freedom loving society governed by the rule of law do without sacrificing either our freedom or the rule of law?

Lord Egbut Nobacon

Anonymous said...

For an educated man you sure get sucked in by UK right wing rags. Container camp only opened on Monday, families given priority and they can only register 50/60 people a day. Some single men particularly those from West Africa do not want to move in because they have to supply their details so are shit stirring. They will be the first to be deported. What you have is screening system put in place for genuine refugees and not economic migrants.