Monday, January 11, 2016

No Sense Of Humour

Adolf just got home from a visit to the local butcher.

This outfit has the very best rump steak I can remember from as far back as I can remember.   The secret apparently is that the beast must be Aberdeen Angus (Black Polled Angus), no older than eighteen months at slaughter and the joint must be hung for at least six weeks.

Anyway I digress.

After selecting two pieces of two inch thick rump steak and four fore quarter lamb chops I asked about chicken schnitzel.  (The Cook wanted chicken schnitzel.)

'Oh, they are up the other end,' said the very attractive young lady butcher.  So off I went and, of course, she followed.

'Would you like breast or thigh?' enquired said attractive young lady butcher.  I wasn't sure I had heard correctly so I turned up my hearing aids.

'Errrr I beg your pardon?'

'Would you like breast or thigh?'

"Well, I've always had a preference for thighs, actually"

She didn't even crack a smile.


pdm said...

Perhaps you should have asked to view the goods on offer - then again at your age that could have led to complications. lol.

Shelldrake said...

Reminds me of a dinner I attended in Kansas City. One of the guests (a Brit) on seeing the beef heavy menu inquired of our host as to what would happen if he ordered chicken.

Our host, without pausing for breath, replied;

"Simple In Kansas City you'll get arrested "!

Noel said...

"attractive young lady butcher"
"She didn't even crack a smile"

Probably thinking another true blue sexist old man.

Hope you didn't use a Kiwi accent.

Anonymous said...

That's our Adolf, soon as he gives his carer the slip he's living life in the fast lane.

Lord Egbut