Sunday, January 10, 2016

MORE APPEASEMENT CRAP ? (It's mid summer for Christs sake)

It is variously reported that the stable of beauties who deliver the infotainment for tvone evening "news" hour  as token females  will cover up, I assume as another sop to the religion of peace whose male adherents apparently become sexually inflamed at the sight of bare arms and cleavage. The edict apparently also ordered the chaps to be more "blokey" but how that will be achieved by "Boy Wonder" Jack Tame, I am indeed left wondering.

Tonights weather chick was wearing a somewhat matronly high necked, sleeves to mid forearm garment in a very appropriate Australian underarm yellow.
Cant wait for the bouncy bubbly ever shallow Ms Katie Bradford in a burka.

The other puzzling facet of the money tree consuming productions at TVONE 1800 hrs is that a single often male autocue reader can do the entire "News Hour" (term used advisedly)  all by themselves since Christmas eve without the need for a balancing gender opposite for support.

Maybe the Minister of Broadcasting (do we still have one) should investigate the no frills effort that made the grand announcement of the recent DPRK bomb test, very modestly dressed and managed the whole show on her lonesome. Contracting out seems a go eh.

That politically correct garbage sort of opens a gulf with TV3 who used a reporters very nubile "Buns" being carved by a thong bikini almost buried in her tanned buttocks, in a summer promo.


Ross said...

Yes. One news reader, maybe with good enunciation if it isn't too much to hope for, should be adequate.

Barry said...

I've always thought that all news bulletins should be read by only one person. That gives the reader a kind of ownership of the program and perhaps a bit of pride in doing it well. And it's much better for the viewers than having the non-reader sitting there like a dummy half the time - and much better without those adoring sideways glances (how stupid they look!) from the non-reader at the reader that the non-readers persist in doing!

I think the worst and most ridiculous parts are when one reader starts an item then the other one takes over and finishes it!

I now never watch the 1800 news because the co-newsreaders are a complete turnoff and an insult to a viewer's intelligence. The best broadcasters in the world use only one reader.