Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Jolly Good Show

Some old goat has had his water cut off because he thumbed his nose at the cops and the judiciary.

Is that a member of the Harawira crime family hovering close by?

Mr Clarke, 89, was reduced to begging at the Kaitaia market at the weekend after his veteran's pension and disability allowance were stopped on November 23 because he did not respond to a warrant for his arrest over a trespass charge arising from a protest occupation of Kaitaia Airport last September.

There should be much more of this treatment meted out to ne'er do wells who allow themselves to be encouraged by ratbags like Margaret Mutu.


The Veteran said...

Adolf ... you only told half the story. Clarke is a member of the deluded Ngati Kahu mob who claim the 'clan' never ceded sovereignty and, as such, are exempt from the law of the land. All this per courtesy of Professor Margaret Mutu who continues to live high on the hog as a privileged academic and reportedly enjoying the fruits of a mutually beneficial arrangement with the Chinese developers behind the Carrington development which, suprise, suprise, seems to have Iwi blessing.

So Clarke, who was a big player in the illegal occupation of the Kaitaia Airport which saw the abandonment of medical flights in and out, thought he could thumb his nose at the law and then cry 'poor' when the inevitable happens. He gets about as much sympathy from me as did the 'gentleman' from the Cook Islands who thought he could walk away from the student loan repayment obligations.

But the real big story is that the pinstripe dwarf has weighed into support Clarke. What's with the Kaitaia water? Kelvin Davis weighs in with support for Kiwi crims across the ditch while Winston Peters does the same here. Back in September he was criticing the government for not acting to end the occupation immediately (ignoring the fact it was a police operational matter) and now he is standing staunch with the protester along with Mutu and Hone Harawira. He has sold out his Pakeha constituency. There will be a price to pay come the election.

Noel said...

"his veteran's pension and disability allowance were stopped on November 23 because he did not respond to a warrant for his arrest"

Whilst failure to respond has the potential for a prison sentence, Section 28 only allows for disentitlement whilst a person is serving a prison sentence.

Surely it should read "were stopped....because he was serving a prison sentence for his failure to respond to a warrant for his arrest.?

Andrei said...

He says he was in the Maori Battalion in North Africa during WW2 but he was only 18 in 1945 and he is not on their roll

Don't stack up?

Andrei said...

Clarke was 15 when he first left New Zealand to serve in the 28th Maori Battalion, returning home in 1945 aged 18.

One of his jobs was to transport prisoners over minefields in North Africa. Clarke said his platoon commander killed all his prisoners.

"Our platoon commander was a madman and I never forgave him.

"He thought it was fun.

"Hitler called us the black panthers."

He said the battalion was run on tikanga Maori and they were often taught drills to music. While Clarke was working in the military police he was badly injured when several soldiers attacked him. His wrist, elbow and shoulder were broken. Injuries that still affect him today.

He took his colonel's last command to heart when he said "go back to your mountains, your marae and your people and be the rangatira that you are. The 28th battalion dismissed."


Ross said...

Article 3 of the Treaty applies both ways. He is entitled to a fair trial, not to be rewarded for illegal activity that put peoples' lives at risk.

The Veteran said...

Clarke is a poser. He never served o'seas with 28 Maori Battalion. Below is an extract from the nominal roll of the battalion. There were five Clarke's that served.

03225 Clarke, Murdock Spencer - Corporal
62710 Clarke, Peter Tauatahi - Warrant Officer Class 2
39302 Clarke, Herbert - Private
39501 Clarke. Edward - Private
81174 Clarke, Samuel - Private

My sources in Maoridom here in the Far North tell me that Clarke is well known as a poser; that he would attempt to muscle in on gatherings of the Maori Battalion but that he was ostracized by those who actually served. His service was post WW2 as a member of J Force which garrisoned Japan. He never heard a shot fired in anger. He was never a war veteran per se although his service in Japan would have entitled him to the benefits laid down in the War Pensions Act and the current the Veterans Support Act.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Why am I not a bit surprised?

No doubt this fellow would vote for Ron Marks.

The Veteran said...

Adolf ... nah, he has been an acolyte of Hone over the last few years although perhaps having Winston going into bat for him will see him transferring from the Te Tai Tokerau to the Northland roll and I for one would encourage him to do so. Winston has dug himself one big hole.

Can't wait to see WRP start backtracking once this little lot comes out. He will of course blame JK because he (Winston) is always right.

OlderChas said...

"He takes the view, which quite a few of our people take, that under the Treaty we never acceded our sovereignty, and therefore he does not come under the jurisdiction of the Crown,"

But he is as happy a a pig in shite to take money from the Crown by way of two pensions.