Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Is The Tide Turning? (Update)

Against Leftism, that is.

Certainly it appears to be turning in the United States where the electorate has had a gutsful of Leftism, Obama style, with its endemic mendacious lawlessness and divisiveness.  Donald Trump essentially is the 'antiObama' to whom people are flocking in their hundreds of thousands.  He has captured the mood of a nation totally fed up with political correctness in all its guises - affirmative action, 'hate' language, climate change, feminism, gender neutrality, antisemitism and on and on and on.

The UK and Europe are going through a similar metamorphosis, wherein Europe's awakening has been more abrupt that that of the US.    The sudden arrival of thousand of young male Muslims has shaken Europe to the core and, I suggest, may well end the political career of Frau Merkell.

Ordinary people ar not fools and across the western world have been asking for some time now "Why do these Leftists who champion gay rights, women's rights, free speech, freedom of religion etc also champion Islam which clearly regards the aforesaid causes as evil?"

So what of Australia and NZ?

I don't detect any change is attitudes yet.  To quote James Delingpole, "Australians handed in their testicles some time ago."   The fact that an avowed Leftist like Malcolm Turnbull could gain such a huge surge in popular support compared with Tony Abbot is testament to Mr Delingpole's accuracy.


No I don't think Donald Trump would be a good or useful president.


Anonymous said...

Never understood the word "leftist". Grammar dictates you cannot have a leftist without a rightist, a term I have never heard used before. Could you explain what a "leftist' is. Substitute the word Arab for Islamist and you are getting close to your point because as I pointed out the Pakistani Airforce has around 20 female (Muslim) fast jet pilots. One whom I have discovered rides a Harley.

When are you and Dodger going to learn that religion does not define the person or the country.

On the news::: Free tradeist Trump has promised to force Apple to stop manufacturing in China. It just gets weirder.

Lord Egbut's butler

Anonymous said...

"... around 20 female (Muslim) fast jet pilots."

loose morals?

available to fly when males are observing traditional non-eating periods?

fleet of foot? (quickest in a "scramble" situation)?

just egging but