Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Not everyone knows who Barry Humphries is, fewer would know who Sir Les Patterson is but many more than those two groups totalled know Dame Edna Everage is an iconic Australian with a passion for gladioli.

Now Barry has undoubtedly led the 20th century entertainment stakes in so many fields and with spinoff efforts of others has entertained millions with his often over the top presentation as a solo entertainer in many different roles and genre.

However the humourless pricks at the Beeb delivered a telling portrayal of their indoctrinated socialism when on discovering a script from Humphries where he mercilessly satirised the Jerry of the latest Tom and Jerry charade and immediately demanded a "BALLANCING" with a similar treatment of David Cameron the Conservative Prime minister.
Allah on a unicycle, forgive fools for they cant be helped.

The rise and plateau of Corbyn over decades of loony left politics would fill the entire satire component of the BBC production of humorous entertainment without any assistance from talented people such as Humphries, but that unfortunate fact escaped the BBC muppet who demanded equal portrayal of Cameron, a grey faceless technocrat who is nothing like the rich vein that Corbyn presents.

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Anonymous said...

It's something that is called impartiality Dodger. The BBC is funded by the public through a license fee that is paid across the political divide and there are strict guidelines, and always have been, when it comes to political satire. The famous "Spitting images" series gave the political establishment of the day absolute hell, but equally across the parties.

If you want politically biased programs watch Fox just leave the Beeb out of it.

Lord Egbut Nobacon