Thursday, January 7, 2016


A woman gets the bash outside a Chowick bar and complains to plod it was a man taking offense at her bidding goodnight to her friend in Te Reo,i in an unexpected attack.

At almost the same time in a Brisbane street an apparently innocent youth was attacked from behind in a totally unprovoked assault suffering a fatal head trauma from what is termed a "King Hit".

The so called innocent woman in Chowick lost five teeth while the poor bugger in Brisbane  lost his life.

Such random violence seems to be an increasing fact of twenty first century life.
Unfortunately for the slag in Chowick, another increasing intrusion into the social fabric of the modern world, CCTV has complicated her tale of woe.
The security camera that covers the entrance to the 123 Bar records a very different sordid tale.
Apparently the original perpetrator was assaulted by the innocent, now incisor deficient slag and her reward came as clear retalliation that is going to have a sequel in an Auckland District Court with both facing assault charges.
Apparently the politically charged claim of use of a Stone Age language as an emotive trigger was just  a pile of tutae.

Why the conflating of the two sordid tales of New Year revelry? well the cast of "characters" according to reports were Polynesians except for the now still dead victim in Brisbane.
I guess if the two cowardly murderous scrotes ever regain freedom from the big house we can anticipate their return to their homeland as it is alleged they were sadly our special people.

Yes quite inconvenient in more than one way.


Anonymous said...

Maybe things are not quite what they seem?

The Veteran said...

Question ... when can we expect a follow-up on TV and the print media with a 'whoops, sorry, we screwed up right royally on that one' ... answer, is the Pope a Protestant.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

No wonder Maori make such good recruits for Islam. They all lie through their teeth.

Anonymous said...

The reality is that the dumb woman who lied to the media oughtn't to have had an audience with the media anyway. This time of year is generally devoid of actual weighty "news" hence we are deluged with this crap. The two murderers in BNE can stay for 30 years or more for all I care, filthy violent pricks!