Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Lake Station

Not sure who is the current Manager as the part owner and previous manager sadly died late last year,  he was  well respected and accepted as a good man by his peers in the high country.

Perhaps part owner and current Chief Justice of NZ could have some relevant additional information.

As to the degree of problems that swimming in the water with the cattle might bring, I would be less concerned with those dangers than should I have been employed to clean up the disgusting mess left when the Occupy Aotea Square was ended with needless, syringes, and god knows what other threats to health and well being present.

I have suffered seriously from a bovine carried disease, leptospirosis, contracted from urine from a dead beast being processed.

The greatest danger from the water of Lake Taylor as my colleague  Vet alluded to in a comment on my post yesterday, would be hypothermia.

I am hoping that those who have been occupying the DOC camp nearby allegedly including the muppet who took the pic, have not cast any offensive matter when enjoying the many walks in the Lake Sumner Forest Park, then again a shovel never features in photos of moronic trampers enjoying the high country, A benefit  that will all disappear under a  dense cover of gorse, blackberry and wilding pines anyway now that the guardians ie lease holders have been removed from the equation.

RIP Ted Phipps.


pdm said...

One suspects that cattle have been drinking from that lakefor something like 150 years.

Why the drama now?

Johno said...

It's not the drinking... it's the shitting.

Same problem in the Waikato - always seeing cattle knee deep in it down from the Tuakau bridge. The river is filthy and herds of cattle shitting and pissing in it, and collapsing and muddying the banks can't be helping.

gravedodger said...

Many of those trying to make something from this where a few Beefys are accessing a vast body of water that would irrigate many many acres of productive down land by conflating what is the reality with thousands of dairy cows accessing a very low flow waterway.
To suggest fencing low stocking rate Beef cattle from such a large body of water is total bollocks.
I have a lazy Kate Shepherd says there are far greater risks from encouraging the loony tunes who assemble at the nearby DOC camp than the cattle pose. Then again I have had giardia probably from hikers too bloody lazy to bury their shit.

Johno said...

It's not "a few beefys". This "bullshit" is going on from Ngaruawahia to Port Waikato and the water gets cumulatively worse by the km.

Farmers need to fence their stock from waterways just like any other public or private boundary. Why should they be allowed to trash a public amenity?