Monday, January 11, 2016


How dare he commit such heresy and him being a Dr and all. No not the usual Melon with a Phht in some obscure unrelated subject, a real Dr who might fix athletes foot or a cough with a possible passable real life understanding of what is at the core of GM, whether natural or man created.

Australian Federal Green Party Leader will undoubtedly be hauled before the highest authorities in the Aus Melon coven, tortured until he recants or resigns or preferably both.

Being a trained and skilled Medic and applying that knowledge and understanding,  Richard  has come out with the opinion that the previously totalitarian view that GMOs are very bad and allowing their adoption will hasten the already plunging hopes for the future of our planet, might just be against the best hopes for feeding the worlds exploding populations as disease and famine are conquered

Old prune faced Christine Milne, Dick's predecessor will be having conniptions at such heresy.

Of course such arrant nonsense that sustains the Melons of the South Pacific is nothing to do with the perceived threat to our biological future as GM has been in nature since the first cell climbed out of the primordial swamp, it is all about the anti business, anti successful entrepreneurs, anti carbon policy mix  that has all the melons steering a course for a life in caves with bugger all to eat and keep us warm.
That said should the demented Melons ever see any hope for their warped dreams to be fulfilled all the Hiltons and Grand Chancellors will be required as a functioning haven to keep them in comfort and warmth while they carry out the oh so arduous task of ruling over the peasants dying in their millions.

It is gunna be some shit fight as to who of the proletariat will be needed to build and fly the Planes, run the dwindling renewable energy systems, grow the rapidly reducing foods, and then they will confront a declining Tax base to pay themselves. Oh hang on all they will need is a talented printer and some basic copy machines. The paper will be already stockpiled

When Richard Di Natali was promoted my first thought on reading his biography was; how did this guy end up with a bunch of retards who struggle with the concept that their bloody possum needs protection while  the exported descendants  here in our luxuriant native fauna breed like bennies in Porirua.

Maybe they have a "keeper" there but will it work out.


Anonymous said...

You write "GM has been in nature since the first cell climbed out of the primordial swamp". You should go back to school and learn what GM is. It's "Gene Modification" not selective breeding or evolution. It's gene splicing in a laboratory and as far as I know none of these existed in the primordial swamp.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


You may well be right but can you please tell me how many people have died as a result of eating food prepared from genetically modified crops?

Then tell me how many people have been saved from starvation by eating the same food.

Anonymous said...


You are just trying to cloud the issue. In my comment on Gravedodger's assertion that GM was natural and had been around for billions of years I simply pointed out that this was incorrect. I did not express an opinion on the pros/cons of GM so see no reason why I should answer your questions.