Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Old enough to have observed seasons that had many hallmarks of El Nino for many seasons before El Nino became the named one, this season is just so very different.

Predictions of a drought, wind and cooler temperatures that mark an El Nino visit to Canterbury have foundered on the rocks of reality.

Up until New Years, yes it had many of the traits of another visit from "the little one", no,  not Angry Andy,  but in the summer of January 2016 that little one needs to be the subject of a missing person report.

The first absolute, things were different was revealed by my three pear trees.
My late Mum's birthday was September 23rd coinciding with the spring equinox and the old pear tree beside the track to the 'chookhouse' back in the day, would always be in magnificent full bloom.
September 2015 here in paradise the normally compliant pear trees were in a defiant mood and there was nary a bloom until October was well established some two weeks later.

The Vege garden is almost disaster proportions with the Pumpkins very reluctant to bloom, the first cucumber flower appeared today, tomatoes have green foliage and masses of flowers but fruit, well shall we concede that a very small production run of green tomato relish is just about a go.
How hurtful to have Homepaddock skiting about going to her vegetable garden hundreds of Kilometers to the South of here and selecting a ripe fresh sweet tomato for lunch last week.

A concluding bit of evidence comes with a Pohutukawa that only flowered for a first time  two years ago and behaved impeccably last year,  this year waited a full month to agree that Christmas could be upon us.

We wont mention the Christmas Lilies who waited until the eve of that day to celebrate rather than the first efforts at least two weeks earlier in preceding years.

Taken two days ago January 24th. Still many buds to break and show off.


Anonymous said...

The comment here in November was where I took my lead.


That said we now have a strengthening trend so maybe a dry March and ideal for the cropping farmers..


It has been cool and damp in South Canterbury and grass recovery is very useful!

homepaddock said...

The tomato I picked last week was in Wanaka - and on a vine that had tomatoes on it when planted. We've got one tomato ready to be picked at home, but it's in a glasshouse and all the others are still green. It's been a very slow season.