Sunday, January 31, 2016


Operating as I am  certain they do, under the Tenets and proven theories  published by Charles Darwin, how long before the accumulated educational achievements of the current Labour MPs bristling with PhDs and other documented efforts of higher learning bring the blindingly obvious to bear, that McCartin, Andrew Little and the Trade Union puppet masters have it so wrong.

A decade of KDS, perpetrated by a succession of under estimating Labour leaders, a procession of 'manufactured' crisis that only proved them monumentally in error with the passage of time, and now following the Marxist inspired rent-a mob philosophies over trade, have presented the 2016 image of a once Great Political force in NZ politics as a figure of fun, pathos and derision.

The street interviews on state TV infotainment hour last night with marchers, gave an insight  to the almost bereft of understanding as to what many of the vastly overstated numbers were marching for.
One particular moron who clearly had syphoned too many petrol tanks claimed it was because "he" had raised Gas prices. For gawds sake gas prices are at historic lows in how many years.
Oh and BTW 'John Keys' had absolutely nothing to do with the Barrel price of crude oil currently ruling.

I do not think Lemmings can be expected to overcome the mob flight to the cliff any time soon but surely as those who for whatever reason don't actually succeed in leaping to their death, survive and breed subsequent generations of "Lemmings", surely the moronic practice will eventually be consigned to the mists of time.

Sometimes in moments of distraction I have onset emotions of pity for Nigel Haworth but then I recall he is of academic stock and that affliction has an inordinate ability to cloud common sense, then the moment passes very quickly.

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