Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Missing from Northland

last seen 10 months ago in March 15

Normal place of residence - St Marys Bay, Auckland
Green Parrot, Wellington


When can the 65> year olds expect the free rides you promised them on the Paihia-Russell ferry


Noel said...

Geez all those bridges they missed out of up north.

The Veteran said...

Noel ... as it happens I agree that was a stupid promise to make and the electorate saw through it for what it was. About has bad as Peters making promises he can't deliver on ... freebies for oldies using the Paihia to Russell and the Kohukohu to Rawene ferries or having taxpayer bail out on the Kaipara District Council Mangawhai Sewage scheme disaster ... or forgetting to turn up to the college prizegiving where he was the guest speaker.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy said...

Bloody brilliant. I've stolen this and posted it on Facebook.

Wonder if we can get a few old buggers/veterans fronting up to Fullers demanding their 'free' trip from Paihia to Russell?

Noel said...

Are the Paiha/Russell ferries contracted to the local council?

Noel said...

Appears the ferry operators are private commercial interests.
Not trying to defend the baubel chaser but he made his promise before the 2015 review by Land Transport that changed the eligibility rules.

Anonymous said...

Re the "Kaipara District Council Mangawhai Sewage scheme disaster", I would be very interested to hear your opinion on this Vet. As a local your views would be more informed than most of the rest of us seeing the injustice being served on these ratepayers. Perhaps it's worth a piece on its own. It seems all NZ ratepayers are liable for illegal Council spending, no matter how much it costs, or how many corrupt councilors benefit.



The Veteran said...

Noel ... as I understand it there is a finite amount of funding available to the region to be used to subsidize travel by seniors. In Northland's case, and on the recommendation of the Regional Council, that funding has been directed at the Whangarei City bus service (I guess on the basis of numbers). Peters knows that (or should know that) so his promise was playing to the audience and worth tosh.

I don't hold a candle for Fullers (the ferry operator) but two points ... (1) people living in the Paihia, Russell, Opua and Haruru Falls axis can apply for a concession card which gives a 50% discount on ferry travel and (2) on ANZAC Day and anyone wearing medals travels free.

MarkW ... thank you. Will do a post on the KDC debacle shortly.

Noel said...

Either Peters is playing or is very uniformed.
His release 3 days ago was playing up the last Waiheke operator achieving parity and claiming this was precedence for Paihia/Russell?

The June2015 review clearly spells out the new rules and Fullers in the North are in the ineligible basket for a superannuation subsidy to apply.

SIS guy you can get " few old buggers/veterans fronting up to Fullers demanding their 'free' trip from Paihia to Russell" but without a Regional Council change of stance you wont get it.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Beware the Ides of March.