Thursday, January 21, 2016


I asked my friend's little daughter what she wanted to be when she grows up.
She said she wanted to be Prime Minister some day.
Both her parents, Labour supporters, were standing there,
so I asked her, "If  you were Prime Minister what would be the first thing you would do?"
She replied, "I'd give food and houses to all those poor people on benefits."
Her parents beamed, and said, "Welcome to the Labour Party!"
"What a wonderful idea!" I told her, and continued,
"But you don't have to wait until you're Prime Minister to do that.
You can come over to my place, mow the lawn, pull some weeds, sweep my deck and I'll pay you $20 an hour. Then I'll take you over to that homeless chap who hangs out in front of the local shop begging. You can give him the money to buy food."
She thought that over for a few seconds, then she looked me straight in the eye and asked,
"Why doesn't the homeless man come over and do the work himself and you can just pay him the $20 an hour?"
I smiled and said, "Welcome to the National Party."
That was over two  years ago and the silence is deafening.

Why now, why today, well because tonight on state television infotainment hour, a supposed Pacifica in Ashvegas stated were no jobs in Mid Canterbury.
Of course the very shallow and dumb person masquerading as a journalist did not think to ask him why farmers across the burgeoning dairy region were struggling to find labour and were resorting to making the necessary arrangements to employ Philipinos, East Europeans and South Americans at considerable cost.
It is very probable that Mr PI and his extended family could find an employer to provide transport and offer work. Then again should the attitude  accompanying Mr PI be indicative of how things might progress, maybe the foreigners are the better bet.


David said...

1% unemployment and 3000 philipinos in Ashburton still TVNZ can always find some fruit loop to attack the TPPA over something that doesn't exist.

Anonymous said...

We have had this discussion before Dodger but it seems to have gone over your head.
Farmers do not want NZ staff because they cannot exercise any leverage over them to get more than their pound of flesh from them at $14.75 per hour.

"(2014).Her work around Southland showed many dairy farmers were unaware of the rules when paying workers. In most cases, the issue came down to a lack of understanding about seasonal averaging and a failure to keep accurate time and wage records, Vining said.

Farmers were told in April to "lift their game" after Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment's labour inspectorate visited 44 farms throughout the country, 31 of which were found to have breached minimum employment rights."

Translated that means "Duh, I don't understand because it is not in my interest to understand"

New Zealanders would not put up with being ripped off which is why they are not welcome.

The Govt is not putting any effort into attracting local labour but plenty when it comes to migrants.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

We have been here before Dodger....did you miss it?

Farmers do not want NZ labour, they want compliant and vulnerable people that they can exercise leverage to extract more than their pound of flesh for $14.75 an hour, less accommodation, electricity and whatever else the "company store" can think of.

From 2014........ A Labour inspector doing random checks on farmers in the south has met resistance.

Progressive Agri HR consultant Melissa Vining said farmers should be aware labour inspector David O'Shea was in the region undertaking checks.

He was ensuring the time records, holiday wages and minimum wages were correct, she said.

She understood the inspector met resistance yesterday.

She urged farm owners not to be obstructive because he had a right to be there.

In April, farmers were told to "lift their game" after Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment's labour inspectorate visited 44 farms throughout the country, 31 of which were found to be in breach of minimum employment rights.

Southland inspectors found three out of seven Southland dairy farms had flouted basic employment laws.

This came after visits to Southland last year, when three of the 10 dairy farms visited did not have accurate records of the hours their employees worked.............

Quite simply the Kiwi spirit that you seem so proud of will not tolerate being ripped off or being taken advantage off. That is why Kiwis are not welcome in the ag business.

If you do not understand how the world works at your age then you must have lived a very sheltered life.

Lord Egbuts estate manager.

PS. I would appreciate it if this post did not get "lost"

Anonymous said...

"Compliant and vulnerable" are not the same thing. I know Mid-Canterbury famers have been subject to accusations of unfairly treating employees, but I suggest the labour report published on 20th November 2015 discounted widespread exploitation…Egbut keep up!


Howie said...

No one ever said compliant and vulnerable are the same thing, Cockwolloper. The foreign workers are trapped on their work visas which are tied to their employer. It's desperation that leads to vulnerability which makes migrant workers willing to work horrendous hours for minimum wages while the farmers reap the rewards. You can't blame the farmers, they're just responding to the incentives. Welcome to the National Party! (see what I did there?)

Psycho Milt said...

"Why doesn't the homeless man come over and do the work himself and you can just pay him the $20 an hour?"

Wasn't the correct answer to that question "Because I'm not offering it to him?"

Anonymous said...

Burn your dictionary Mr Wallader. Perhaps you would be good enough to supply refs to the 20th report,

"You Know" doesn't cut it. Who were the farmers and what were the results? I know a bloke whose mate knows where Captain Kidds treasure is buried.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

1 Howie: If making an obscene pun as to my name is the best you can do it seems you are well out of your depth. Sad.
2 Egbut: A little research may well be beyond your level of literacy but I shall try for you. Please start with the Ashburton District Council's postings.If these prove to be too incisive for you try those placed by Federated Farmers. It may be that your leftie paranoia will convince you that these postings and reports are contrived; so then do your own investigations.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

And that's why Howie is banned from Adolf's blog.

Anonymous said...

Not a chance Mr Wallader, can I call you Cad? Life is to short to chase up all the spurious posts on this blog. It is generally considered blog courtesy to supply refs with the post or when asked. leftist or rightist or right up the middle the subject matter hasn't changed or do you believe that anyone who stands up for those who are at the bottom of the heap a commie, pinko, bleeding heart liberal?

More bannings eh Adolph. Are you sure you were not a traffic warden in a previous life...bless.

Lord Egbut Nobacon