Monday, January 25, 2016


Perhaps Messrs Key, Peters, Dunne, Shaw, Seymour and the Gucci sheila will care to enlighten me as to what draws them to Ratana Pa each year to attend the celebrations honoring the birthday of a Maori Sect leader whose influence on mainstream NZL life has been next to negligible.

I mean it's not as if they turn up enmass at the Wellington Cathedral of St Paul or St Patrick's Cathedral in Auckland or First Church in Dunedin or whatever on Christmas Day to acknowledge the birthday of JC so, what gives ....?

No political gain either.   In 1936 the Church pledged its allegiance to the Labour Party in return for Labour agreeing to stand members of the church in the then four Maori seats.   That alliance has remained in force through to the present day. 10% of Labour's caucus are members of the Sect.

This is not the time to comment in any substantial way on he abuse of trust that has characterized Labour's treatment of their Maori MPs although Dame Tariana Turia (herself a Ratana Member) probably had it about right in describing it as patronising and treating them as voting cannon fodder.    Still, if that's how Ratana wants it then more fool them.

But why the rest of the political establishment continues to go along with the charade sure beats the hell outa me.

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Ross said...

If the National Party _didn't_ go they would be called rascists.