Thursday, January 21, 2016


The most pertinent and accurate comment on Browning's off the wall assessment of Glyphosate comes from the astute person who suggested that there was greater danger from driving to a park than exposure to areas around a park sprayed with "Roundup" employing "on label" conditions and recommendations.

As with any chemical most applicators are now very safety conscious and take sensible precautions in handling but to ban such a widely tested and assessed as safe product is as mind numbingly bizarre as is so much of the  opposition to 1080 use.

Of course prudent and reasonable practice should accompany use of chemicals for environmental protection.

Boiling Water, FFS how much carbon would that consume Stupid Browning, you sully the brand name of my semi auto five shot. Its efficacy is well proven and could endanger people, That is a fact.

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