Monday, January 25, 2016


Adolf has made no secret of his support for ousted Liberal PM Tony Abbott and his disdain for the oleaginous pretender Malcolm Turnbull.  Abbott was and is pretty much a straight shooter while Turnbull is a mealy mouth word twister who would be more at home in the Labor Party.  By way of example, nobody seriously imagines Turnbull would have had the courage to stop the boats.

So it is with relief I read today Tony Abbott is not to quit politics but will stand for his seat of Warringah at the forthcoming Federal election.  If Turnbull has any brains (I don't think he has) he will bring Abbott back into cabinet and make him Foreign Minister which is the area in which he had his greatest successes when PM.  However, if Turnbull fails to rehabilitate Abbott then he too will face serious divisions and eventual revolt from within the party.


Jimmy said...

ROFL. Hope springs eternal. Abbott was the worst PM in living memory, and given Rudd that's certainly saying something. Making him foreign minister would be a laugh, given he's an unreconstructed reactionary buffoon, but sadly it will never happen.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Jimmy, you must be only two years old. How quickly you forget Gillard.

gravedodger said...

The "comontariat" of the Aus Media really have a tiger by the tail.

Having convinced a bunch of turncoats that Turncoat in Chief was the only hope to defeat the increasingly diminishing Shortonbrains, just prior to that salient fact becoming clear, they now have the prospect of a really embarrassing increase in what was a significant electoral victory engineered by TA for the Coalition in 2013, come the scheduled GE sometime this year.

The fact that TA who still enjoys considerable support among Liberal MPs and more importantly Coalition voters creates a conundrum that with the hopeless infighting between KRudd and Gilliard still in recent memory is very relevant.

The Lefty Luvvies in the ABC and the rest of the Media are in a whirlpool of idiocy as things are in high dudgeon with the Economy still in serious turmoil from the Senate having thwarted almost every Coalition move to restore some sanity.

Turncoat has enjoyed an almost unfathomable 'honeymoon' that is even more perplexing in that the smarmy bastard has only the knifing of TA as a success, he has done bugger all since gaining the top job to give any explanation as to his monumental rise in the polls.