Sunday, January 24, 2016


West Auckland Lawyer and long time embedded  member of the NZLP who has had his fingers in many of the stale pies that the once great voice of the workers  have tried to sell to an increasingly educated and smart NZ voting public, leaving only a trail of failures, has finally worked out that John Key is a massive problem for his tribe back on the Reservation.

The man who came home from a seriously successful career overseas, was head hunted to become the MP for newly created seat of Helensville,  tossing the MP with a chunk from the  demolished Waitakere seat,  bitter to the point he stood as an independent,  to political oblivion  in the 2002 General election.
That was when the NZ public discovered John Key.

That was but a first underestimation of John Key by someone who should have worked it out.
Elevated to a senior finance role in opposition Key then replaced Brash as National leader in 2006 and two years later overcame the formidable Helen Clark who had employed some very dodgy tactics to foil Don Brash in 2005, to become NZ's 38th Prime Minister.

All through the entire 15 years that John Key has stood as the nemesis of the NZLP easily trumping the various machinations of the socialists in concert, and on current polling has another General Election target firmly in his sights for 2017 only a bit over one year away.

Almost without exception every socialist pretender and sycophant supporter of the increasingly bereft of ideas NZLP have predicated all their efforts on a loose collection of ploys with the aptly named Key Derangement Syndrome at the centre of planning.

Is it the Game Changer that team red have been seeking that Mr Presland who posts as Micky Savage  at Lyn's echo chamber has finally got the fact that the NZ voters have a differing opinion of the worth of John Key to that of the scores of believers in the divine right of NZ labour to be the natural party of government.
As if the pretentiousness of Presland to adopt a mantle he is IMHO total undeserving of  is not revealing of a suspected case of narcissism or at least a gross over self assessment of ability, taking  a decade and a half to work out something that has been fact reveals a deleterious disconnect from reality.

As if Presland's comment at The Standard was not sufficiently sad, sprinkled with gems including This is really upsetting to the university educated analytical left, Us on the left despair about Key, I agree that Key is a formidable opponent,  the subsequent further comments  were a veritable passage through the black humour that exists in team red.  However it might appear that the realisation has permeated and now things might move towards a rebuild  if Presland's thinking should be replicated. He is after all a person near the centre of NZLP tactics and was a very involved, financially and tactically with the Silent T disaster that leant very heavily on KDS principles
But the lingering KDS, a still bound to fail search for the mythical "missing million", demonising of persons such as Pagani and lauding of Sanders in the US and Corbyn in The UK are indicative of the next moves then it could be a very long haul.

If they are answers then the questions asked are incredibly dumb.


Psycho Milt said...

It's astonishing the number of people who think popularity is a synonym for merit.

Anonymous said...

I agree with PM about Key but it must be alarming for Labour that they cannot begin to counter popular with talent so miss out on both scores.

What is more crucial is how does Presland survive on the living wage, which he must be on, to set an example of being fair and sympathetic to the poor oppressed classes and thereby avoiding allegations of adding to the inequality that plagues NZ.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...


It's astonishing the number of people who can't recognize merit when they see it.

Psycho Milt said...

Adolf: no disagreement from me on that one.

3:16: you don't seem to understand what the living wage is about.

Anonymous said...

No truth in the rumour that Putin has invited Key for a pot of tea at a well known waterfront cafe then?

Lord Egbut (in hairnet)

Eric said...

An interesting guest post on Kiwiblog almost two years ago by 'Kiwi In America' An Essay on the History of Labour’s Predicament pretty much nails it.

Tinman said...

PM, far more confuse "I don't agree with him" and "He is wrong".

Eric said...