Saturday, December 26, 2015


History is replete with the stories of sons and daughters who never measured up to the standards of their parents.   And so it was with Norman Kirk's son John.  

He was parachuted into the Sydenham seat in 1974 aged 27 on the outpouring of grief that accompanied the death of his father and once there is remembered for nothing apart for a notable incident in 1976 when he entered the house drunk and proceeded to vomit over a back bench colleague.

In July 1983 he announced that he would not be contesting the 1984 election.   Labour selected Jim Anderton, the Party President,  as the candidate whereupon Kirk (a Lange supporter) declared he would stand against Anderton as an Independent.    His continuing opposition to Anderton's selection saw the Council of the Labour Party suspend him from the Party.   Thereafter he sat in parliament as an Independent.

In 1984 and while still an MP. Kirk skipped NZL owing $280,000.   He was arrested in the United States and imprisoned in Dallas for 102 days before being extradited back to NZL where he was charged under the Insolvency Act and sentenced to 4 months PD.

Thereafter the trail goes dead.



The Realist said...

Well Big Norm used to shoot pigeons with a slug gun through his office window at Parliament.

Noel said...

What is it with all the dated item posts.Gezz going back to the Fox piggy story was bad enough but your question was asked on political bogs three years before the Fox story.

The Realist said...

Noel the poor Vet is regressing backwards. Shortly he will have reached his second childhood and will post items about what Santa gave him for Christmas

Anonymous said...

Well, what did happen to John Kirk?