Wednesday, December 2, 2015

What Do They Expect

No wonder the cops searched their apartment.

"He said police had asked to speak with Mediaworks staff as part of the investigation.
"However, these requests were declined, so Police took the steps necessary to obtain the information required to progress the investigation, including the execution of search warrants.""

What bloody gall these people have.  First, they claim a loophole in the law when no loophole existed.  (The cops found no evidence of such purchases when Gun City's records were examined.)
Then they give the cops the finger when the cops ask them to co-operate.

Then they squeal like stuck pigs when the cops descend on them with a search warrant.  What the hell did they expect?

All I can say is I hope missy madam gets the book thrown at her.   There was absolutely no public interest in the story they were running as no other fire arms had been acquired in the same way.  Had the cops found records of half a dozen similar cases then things might be different but there are none so the whole story was a jack up from the start.

The media seem to think they have a God given right to indulge in forgery and deception in order to commit a crime - in a vain attempt to retrieve falling ratings for a lousy TV show.

The bad news is, they don't.


Chris said...

And some retired judge says its ok for a journalist to break the law a bit if it is in the nations interest.
What a load of bollocks

gravedodger said...

Had the stupid bint sent some anonymous little scrote waving serious dosh to the mob or similar in search of a serious bit of hardware, now that would have really exposed a bloody loophole in the law.
Well not an actual loophole but the way illegal weapons are normally exchanged and no fraud, impersonating a police officer involved, just simple garden everyday criminal activity.

I hope David Tipple pursues a private prosecution as HdPA did nothing anyone intent of circumventing legal process that rules the behaviour of the thousands who accept we need some basic legal controls on who can obtain weapons, would do.

I don't think many crims, even the terminally stupid would go to Gun City for a weapon and a .22 ha bloody ha, a cut down old double barrelled shotty for close work or any of several AR 308s for longer range take downs.
There will be thousands of such illegals out there in little ole NZ and Plod has no freakin idea how many.

JC said...

I'm prepared to accept an argument of public interest.. at least as a basis for starting a debate as to why it doesn't have the same force as it might have.

The background is a uniquely NZ one where firearms crime, especially murder is a minor problem based on our stats and current law.

The whole of the argument was invented by the media to take advantage of a spate of unusual gun crime in America, ie the media did a beatup on American crime and tried to shoehorn it into a NZ situation that currently and historically doesn't exist.

Second, it was done at the inspiration and suggestion of a rogue cop who currently runs the police union and has a great desire to arm NZ cops like Rambo.. this would greatly help his self made media image as a tough guy.. despite the stats not supporting his desire for a permanently armed force and as yet a public uncomfortable with cops confronting jaywalkers with a .45 and an attitude.

In other words our own sensibilites and laws have given us a very low murder rate by firearm and it required a rogue cop and amoral media to cook up a most unlikely scenario and scheme to illegally acquire a firearm for personal and ultimately frivolous purposes.

This isn't to say that cops shouldn't be armed.. just that the justifications should be official, well debated and chock full of relevant facts. Thats the minimum requirement for even the smallest constriction on our freedoms.


Anonymous said...

The mind boggling hypocrisy of these posts are pretty much in tune with what happens on this blog.

Poor Mr Tipple, being taken to task for not ensuring that his staff followed proper procedures to ensure the safety of the public. But wait, is this the same Mr Tipple who has served a prison sentence of more than 12 months in an overseas prison?

Good God, he must be one of those crims that this blog was sticking the boot into a few post ago Re:OZ.....low lifes, arseholes, career crims, danger to the public were just some of the phrases used.

Any right thinking person would agree with the letter written by Judge Roy Wade in the newspaper article and it is quite obvious the the police action was that of sour grapes and spite and in the end quite unnecessary.

But it's good to know that "Lowlife"crims deserve a second chance so lets extend a hand to those deportees who have been dumped on our shores with no money, friends or family to turn to and without help will turn to crime to survive.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

Noel said...

".45 and an attitude."
Nah issue here is a Glock 17.

Anonymous said...

The effect of a lifetime watching cheap American TV shows is a matter that could be addressed later Noel.

Nookin said...

Stereotyping, generalisation and scorn are wonderful debating techniques, eh Your Lordship?