Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Lies They Tell

I thought John Key had more sense than to get suckered on this 'fuel subsidy' nonsense.

As far as I know there are no fuel subsidies in operation in Australia.  But don't tel the Australian Conservation Foundation.

"Australian taxpayers subsidise fossil fuel-friendly tax breaks for big polluters. There are better ways to spend our taxes than handouts to the companies with devastating environmental records who actively lobby our leaders to stifle action on climate change."

Of course this is a bare faced lie.   What these economic saboteurs refer to as a 'subsidy' is the fact that users of diesel fuel who do not use publicly funded roads are not required to pay road user tax.

Simple really.

The far left denizens of the ACF would have wheat farmers, forestry  operators and minng companies paying vast mounts of road user tax for roads they never use. But hey, that's great because their real goal is to send all those businesses broke so that we can all emulate their role model of economic bliss, Bhutan


Noel said...

Maybe here?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Noel, I'm grateful to you for directing me to this site which demonstrates that prretty much all the subsidies in Australia are paid for electricity generation from so called renewables.

I rest my case.

'By far the largest component of
renewable subsidies went to generation
from solar PV technologies, more than
$2 billion in 2013-14 (68 per cent of
aggregate subsidies).'

JC said...

Key's proposal is aimed squarely at Muslim countries, Venezuela and Russia with Cjina and India's figures masked by low per capita effect.


Australia's objection is maybe more about the electricity mess but more forward thinking and likely lines up with China objectives (watch it John, Malcolm could steal a trade march on you here).

Key fires a warning shot across the developing world's demands for "compensation" and interestingly opens up a potential attack on renewables subsidies as well from the hypocritical nations and the activists.
Aussie Russel and the Greens/activists were onto it like a shot and are moving quickly to smother it with invective and Susan Devoy will have to move her office to a mosque to quell the hurt created there.

ISIS could well be taking an interest in this proposal as well.. it could increase access to their cheap oil and put the oil producers around them on the back foot.

Forget climate change and the old UN.. Paris right now is the best geopolitical game in town! :)