Saturday, December 5, 2015


Police were called out after a group attending a costume party dressed as IS militants and toting plastic guns were spotted near the Auckland War Memorial Museum.

Methinks they can thank their lucky stars that this isn't the US where such actions would have provoked a slightly more 'robust' response.

Plain stupid, given the events of recent days, or just harmless fun ... your call.   Easy for me.


Anonymous said...

Its so easy for the ignorant and stupid to confuse harmless fun with bad taste. People with brains would know this is not a good time to make light of this when a significant percentage of the population would happily (and rightly in my view) shoot at anything ISIS first and ask later. Good manners and common sense used to be commonplace, maybe not so much now but actions and consequences frequently still go hand in hand.


Tinman said...

Horse shit!

This is New Zealand!

People having fun and, at the same time poking the borax at ISIS is exactly what is needed.

Otherwise the scum have won!

The Veteran said...

Tinman ... fascinating. And if Auckland were Sydney (say Hyde Park, close to Martin Place) would that be your position?

Tinman said...

Veteran, Auckland is not Sydney however my position would be the same: Change the way you live and stop enjoying life and the scum have won.

As an aside Veteran laughter is a damned sight stronger weapon than the gun, which is of course why ALL the nutbar outfits try early on to stop it.

Shelldrake said...

Tin man with respect to your comment you are spouting excrement of the bovine type. Having fun. What an ambition but no doubt suits many of the graduate clowns who just have fun.