Monday, December 14, 2015

So Glad Thats "Settled" !!

Fifty Thousand troughers descend on Le Bourget for a two week orgy of slurping, all paid for by long suffering taxpayers of  the rich nations and it was claimed a success.
Only by the participants and their socialist enablers while the productive souls who financed it all continued to toil away to make the next payment for Morocco.

The so called success was nowhere better illustrated than the rather poor quality smartphone film clip of the airheads in the media suite behaving like sports groupies after the popular team won the world cup, played by Chris Kenney on his "Viewpoint" show last night on Sky News. They were just so happy but should any independent journalist have inquired as to what they were so excited about there would have been a deafening silence.

So 187 national delegations with fifty thousand officials plus an undisclosed number of hangerons, plus another never revealed number of security staff, plus god only knows who else reached agreement to save the planet. Please do not mention the CO2 emitted during the two weeks of indulgence.

They have all agreed to a non binding consensus to limit carbon energy consumption in the vain hope to alter the current 0.4 percent of CO2 in the atmosphere that is consigning the planet to Armageddon.
Now that current 0.4% was around 0.18 % during the last ice age and upwards of 0.8% in an earlier warmer time.
Should the morons who are currently in denial of the untold benefits of abundant CO2 in the quest to make vegetation bloom and reduce desertification, manage to prevent a single tonne of coal, oil,  natural gas, and firewood from ever being burnt again they would only make minimal impact on the CO2 in the atmosphere. Things in people land, that is real people land wont go so well.
In total such a draconian act of lemmings rushing to the cliff edge, is not the largest factor in CO2 emissions that sustain the Carbon Cycle as just  with the disaster predictions of "oil spills" in the ocean, the earth is emitting naturally stored oil from the ocean floor 24/7. Likewise CO2 is escaping from all organisms with every exhalation and the trees are just standing there to get their bit before they die , sequester their carbon to be released sometime in the future.
That people is why it is called a cycle, god dammit.

There were benefits from the Le Bourget wankfest, think of all that CO2 they emitted, farting, burbing, crapping, flying, motoring, cooking, keeping warm, sitting in great light while dining and drinking, pity is they could have all done it at home, communicated by Facetime, Skype, Teleconferencing and spread the CO2 around the globe as nature intended.

There was no delegation  from our nearest star that 24/7 is generating energy with its massive nuclear power plant at a rate beyond the comprehension of all, and in particular the dumbarse swine at the swill trough.
One might wonder but not be at all surprised when the very variable activity of our source of life, as it surely will, will cause a rise or fall in the heat radiated and captured in minute measure by planet earth.
That transmission system is quite wasteful in that our little rock only receives a very minute bit of the created energy with its 360 degree in 3D every which way setup.
However the current super confidence tricksters will immediately have a settled science explanation for all those who are creating the wealth that sustains the con men and provides the largesse to fuel the bribery, will default to when the sun overdoes things or sends out a bit less as has been the case for the last two decades.

Meanwhile China, India, The USA, Russia, The EU will continue as before, the only changes will manifest in massive rorts, frauds, wealth accumulation, waste and corruption as the swine scrabble in the swill to get their share. Political leaders in every country can only dream about the untold riches to be garnered.

To sum up the latest effort at Le Bourget, nothing about particulates, fumes, and air pollution with deleterious health effects that dirty coal fired energy plants emit, while such plants increase in number by a weekly figure as more are built, nothing about harnessing Nuclear energy, nothing about deforestation, nothing about the underground peat fires, nothing about the total inanity of growing biofuel crops, nothing about wind generation killing birds including endangered species, nothing about consumption of rare earth minerals to build the alternative energy infrastructure, sorry Le Bourget 2015 was all about finding ways to advance the undoubtedly successful global campaign around coal, oil, and natural gas being taxed to pay the "Luvvies" what they undoubtedly are entitled to.


Jacqueline said...

Jack Tame is the new Media Mouth pushing this Climate Change agenda.

JC said...

The best moment for me was John Kerry's statement on carbon "pollution"..

" The fact is that even if every American citizen biked to work, carpooled to school, used only solar panels to power their homes, if we each planted a dozen trees, if we somehow eliminated all of our domestic greenhouse gas emissions, guess what – that still wouldn’t be enough to offset the carbon pollution coming from the rest of the world.

If all the industrial nations went down to zero emissions –- remember what I just said, all the industrial nations went down to zero emissions -– it wouldn’t be enough, not when more than 65% of the world’s carbon pollution comes from the developing world."

How did such an eminently sensible and true statement possibly come from this fools mouth? Well, when he and the other fools were saying we must get rid of fossil fuels the developing nations just said.. Good stuff old chap, we'll stop emitting pollution if you give us $3.5 *trillion*.. thats over and above all other sources of aid and handouts you give us and we want the money now!

Suddenly we find out that carbon pollution from developed countries is not a problem afterall!


Allan said...

All I observed there was fraud on a massive scale being committed by a bunch of complete clowns.

Anonymous said...

The biggest festival of frauds, crooks, scroungers and the deluded since history knows when.

Who said that God doesn't have a sense of humour - He's provided the world with a clown show. Bring back the juggler, this lot is rubbish.

What's next, plans for the management of the galaxy?


Ross said...

I had been rather hoping that the Paris voluntary agreement would reassure those who feared that climate change was simply a pretext for creating a dictatorial world government, and that the climate change deniers could then actually start to consider the facts. Alas, this has not happened.

Andrei said...

Your beloved National Government has used this to transfer money from the pockets of hard working New Zealand taxpayers into their coffers Adolf

Apparently it has been decreed that the worlds temperature must not exceed that of today by 1.5 °C and by the magic of Big Government the long suffering public of New Zealand can make this happen by handing over their hard earned dollars to bureaucrats and snake oil salesmen

Hell at least a vote for the Greens would be a vote for a party that is honest about being wackos

Jim Peters said...

Why is the solution to every problem wealth redistribution?

Anonymous said...

Given the past unresearched and questionable posts from Dodger I am tempted to take up an opposite stance. Unfortunately for me and fortunately for the planet he is right.

There is not a single person amongst the many thousands attending that did not owe their salary to the climate change industry. I say industry because it has become self sustaining and is expanding. Mark Twain once said “That a man will not understand if his salary depends on him not understanding”. What we have developed is a scenario from the Emperor’s new clothes...on steroids.

They will not answer the simple questions like.. Why do you keep using claims that Kiribati and Tuvulu are being inundated when the Australian National Tidal org. are saying this is not the case. If you are caught out on one huge lie then everything else is suspect.

The good news is that Governments being made up of people and human nature is predictable there will be very little money being passed down the chain. Only about a quarter of all the money pledged for recent natural disasters in the last ten years has ever been collected.
For those who think the seas are rising there are a multitude of National tidal websites available.

As the planet's temperature is unlikely to exceed two degrees in that time period it will be hailed as a great victory for climate industry and proof that their pointless agreements are if only we had more money.

Lord Egbut Nobacon