Monday, December 7, 2015


And now its a case 'damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead' (with apologies to Admiral David Farragut).

There will be the quite predictable cries of outrage especially from those who see her as living proof that National eats babies.    Others who inhabit the nether regions of politics will curse the return of someone who will strengthen Cabinet and make it more likely that the government will get to serve a forth term.

Labour finds it impossible to comprehend and accept that a person who grew up in a Labour voting household could ever jump the fence.   They see it as tantamount to treason.   That's part of the reason why John Key and Judith Collins are so reviled by many from the 'dark side' of politics.   Others might take the view it proves the old adage ... if you ain't a socialist at age 20 your haven't got a heart and if you ain't a capitalist at age 40 you haven't got a brain.

Will their collective outpourings of bile worry Collins at all ... not one bit.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

And not before time!

Psycho Milt said...

I also welcome the return to the National government's cabinet of someone who, as Danyl put it, will spend her time "skating extremely close to the law, conducting covert attacks on Cabinet rivals through the media, and repeatedly forcing the PM to grit his teeth and say that he stands by her." Should be very entertaining.

You have to wonder - is Key doing this as some kind of just punishment, in that he's brought in the person who was responsible for creating this Serco mess in the first place to be responsible for cleaning it up?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

My God, Tracy Watkins writes some extraordinary crap.

'OPINION: There is an old saying about keeping your friends close and your enemies closer.

John Key must have weighed up that advice carefully before deciding to reinstate Judith Collins to Cabinet in his latest reshuffle......"

Of course, only an avowed leftie would dare to imply that Judith Collins in an 'enemy' of John Key.

Doesn't the silly bitch realise it is Andrew Little and Materiel Turei who are Collins' enemies?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Please explain in what particular way is the 'Serco mess' any different from the 'Corrections' mess?

Apart from, that is, the fact that the media ignore the deficiencies in Corrections run prisons while over=hyping any apparent failing on the part of Serco.

Noel said...

Is this the cabinet change precipitated by another MP's surgery that went wrong?

Anonymous said...

The saying if you're not a socialist before 20, you don't have a heart, really needs to be questioned, rather than trotted out as a truth.
For me at high school in 1968 there was study of Orwell's "Animal Farm"; there was a documentary about Stalin's Russia that showed hedge rows of dead humans; Russia invaded Czechoslovakia.
This was enough to forever turn me off socialism.
I was also aware that NAZI translated as National SOCIALIST Workers Party of Germany and all the horrors that brought.
So I had a "heart" but wasn't going to associate or believe in socialism.

Noel said...

At the threat of been deleted for "thread jacking" the average numbers who visited the Waitangi document in Wellington was around 8000. Two thousand less than predicted in Northland. P.S they were not all academics. Sorry for the late advice but it does take time to source this type of information.

Redbaiter said...

'if you ain't a socialist at age 20 your haven't got a heart and if you ain't a capitalist at age 40 you haven't got a brain.'

The implication that being a National Party supporter excludes one from supporting socialism is absurd, given National has a bigger govt and is taxing more and spending more and borrowing more than Helen Clark, a self declared socialist, ever did.

You're a socialist Veteran.

I suspect you also might be one of those people interviewed for the survey that earned NZ the title of "the most ignorant country in the developed world".

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


You could almost be mistaken for intelligent if you left off the personal attacks.

The Veteran said...

Red ... I understand you're still grieving that the CCC Party you hung your hat on is now revealed, like the Emperor, bereft of all his clothes and not a pretty sight.

You can call me what you like. Quite frankly, your opinions count for nowt.

Noel ... thank you for confirming that very few people visit the National Archives in Wgtn. I rest my case,

Back to the post. Not in favor of blood sports but I will make an exception for the crim pimping and union shill, Kelvin Davis. I will enjoy seeing JC tear him to shreds and spit out the pips. She will not have forgotten his cowardly attack on her husband made under the cloak of parliamentary privilege alleging criminal behavior by a company of which he was
a director which was picked up and repeated by the media. The media outlet involved and under threat of libel action, was forced to admit the allegations were without foundation, had to publicly apologize, pick up the legal costs and make a donation to charity. Did Davis do the right thing and admit he was wrong ... what do you think?

Davis is a lightweight and a gutless lightweight to boot.

Redbaiter said...

"You could almost be mistaken for intelligent if you left off the personal attacks."

Adolf, your political development seems to be running counter to the norm. IOW, you appear to become more left wing as you get older.

I only say this because its a left wing trait to confuse criticism with a personal attack.

I think I made an reasoned case for describing the Veteran as a socialist, and its not an attack unless he wants it to be.

Furthermore, my point about the "ignorance" survey is that many people interviewed were labouring under the misapprehension that NZ was far LESS socialist than it really is.

My comment was not an attack. It was merely an observation relating to a timely event.

Do you understand my points?

This personal attack stuff really is getting completely out of hand in this country. Its almost applied to any dissent against conventional political class wisdom.

Three decades of Progressive socialism is behind it.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


"I suspect you also might be one of those people interviewed for the survey that earned NZ the title of "the most ignorant country in the developed world"."

That's the bit you should have left off. Just puts you down alongside Howie and Co.

Redbaiter said...

Adolf- I was not being flippant, its actually a real survey, that was its title, and it showed that most NZers think NZ under National is far LESS socialist than it really is.

I think the Veteran would agree with those surveyed.

Read about it here-

Anonymous said...

Peter, you must be very gullible to believe in titles or headlines. The German Democratic Republic wasn't, The National Socialist Workers party wasn't and the Communist party wasn't just as the Chinese communist party isn't.

If it is in the title it isn't true.

Anonymous said...

I'm not concerned in any way about Collins being back - she seems more right than the rest. I do wish she would pick her friends more carefully and stop getting off on being entertained as though she was very special and bragging about it. Not good form chaps.


Ghost Of Greenwood said...

I am genuinely surprised. I didn't think Mr Slippery would ever trust her to manage to keep out of further trouble. The Nats have been very well behaved of late and there must be no distractions from wayward members if they are to win an almost unprecedented fourth term. (apart from the one that bitch-slapped his wife around, of course)

So Collins is there ostensibly to sort out the Serco mess? Well that's fine since she's the one who negotiated and set the parameters of the contract with Serco back in 2009 . . Tolley and Lotu-Iiga each got the booby prize and hospital pass in-between time and now it's gone full circle.

Perhaps she can sort out the disaster in the Race Relations Office too. More of her past handiwork to boot.

JC said...

Ghost, first off I'll agree with the economists here who have looked at privatisation of state services and find compelling reasons to do so. However they rate prisons well down the list of desirable projects because its not truly a rational market.. read bloody difficult and without the bottomless pit of tax payer dollars to tweak every socialist whim.

Having said that there's no reason why Serco won't be better than the state and in fact already is.. Corrections is as bad and worse and far less controllable.