Wednesday, December 16, 2015


What would Mr Churchill say about things in the Pacific in 2015 ?

Kiribati, Tuvalu, and other Island Atolls are lining up for the largesse to compensate them for rising sea levels that man made global warming is going to deliver.
(Of course as Mi lord pointed out in a comment on my 'opinion' of the Great Claim Robbery planned during two weeks of troughing at Le Bourget, such an outcome for Atolls has so far been only a bloody Mirage.)

Meanwhile on the other planet, see you never knew that did you, the biggest emitter by many train loads of coal, China, is raising brand new islands in the South China Sea on the ridge that supports the Spratley Islands, long disputed by Philippines, Viet Nam and now mainland China yep the one most likely if you are a believer in the religious movement creating millionaires on a daily basis, to be spewing that horrid CO2 in increasing amounts on a daily basis into the atmosphere to raise my 0.4%.

I am assuming none of the Green Blondes at Le Bourget would assume that raising "new" Islands might just be a factor in the so far non existent rising sea levels.

Otoh my G & T does not raise its level as the ice melts while I slowly tap out another, what was it again, oh yes, "unresearched and questionable post"!


Paulus said...

My only comment to the Pacific Islands named is this - why have you paid the Churches in Fiji considerable amounts of money to purchase sufficient land there in the event of real erosion which has been going on for thousands of years, for you to move everybody completely with land to live and farm.
No, it is all about making everybody else feel guilty so that only money will do in enormous quantities.

Anonymous said...

A very interesting story. In 1841 Capt. James Ross RN carved an ordnance survey benchmark in the rocks on an island in Port Arthur (Aust) to mark the mean sea level at that time. That benchmark is now 35cm HIGHER than than MSL today. I believe Capt. Ross was a hydrographer so all the relevant data would have been taken into consideration

Full story and photo's here. Someone mail them to Winston First, he's found another bandwagon.