Wednesday, December 9, 2015


There was a time when some thought that Kelvin Davis was the great brown hope for the Labour Party ... after all, he defeated Hone Harawira and that in itself was no mean feat.

Since then he has fashioned for himself a persona as pimping for crims and as a union muppet ever ready to put the boot into Serco but curiously stum when it comes to problems relating to prisons managed by members of the Corrections Association of NZL (read prison officer's union).

My assessment of Davis as a political lightweight owing his profile to a compliant media, much like his colleague Jacinda Adern, is clearly wrong ... he is now revealed as a stupid political lightweight in search of a headline.    Read it here.   Davis is calling on Te Uroroa Flavell, Minister of Maori Development, to intervene to help locate four Maori children supposedly 'missing' in Australia.

Drill down into the case and it involves a Maori family who turned their backs on New Zealand with the husband and wife now separated and the children now subject to a custody dispute hearing currently being dealt with by the the Family Court in Australia.

Politicians need to be very careful in attempting to intervene in matters sub judice;  doubly so in matters involving another countries jurisdiction.    Davis is headline grabbing pure and simple and, in doing so, is revealed as someone with little or no understanding of the need and requirement for there to be separation between the executive arm of government and the judiciary .... or perhaps he does and cynically chooses to disregard a basic constitutional requirement.


Noel said...

Davis is headline grabbing.

Aw gee that criticism could apply to any of the trough feeders.

Paulus said...

I see today that SERCO have been given the boot at the end of their Auckland Remand contract.
Thank goodness there will be no more fights, bullying, violence and sex offences in the New Zealand prisons. Mr Hanlon will see to that now he has got his own way.
Hooray for the prisoners.

Paranormal said...

Davis seems to be doing a good job as an opposition MP. He's bringing issues that resonate with his constituency to the front and beating up the government with them.

How he would translate into a government MP (if the opportunity will ever arise with his alignment to Liarbour) is another matter.

Anonymous said...

Davis is a disappointment and is looking worse every time he opens his mouth.Comes across as a bully boy ..the type who might have brawn but little brain.He served his purpose getting rid of Hone and now should sit down and be quiet .