Wednesday, December 23, 2015


The Kraut who tried to subvert our democratic process is on his way to the good ole US of A.

Hone, Laila and Minto along with sundry Labour, Green & Winston First politicians who beat their way to the doors of his Coatsville mansion will not be happy.

Many New Zealanders will be.   Nuff said.

Updated #1 ... his defense team have announced the decision will be appealed to the High Court.    Any appeal is restricted to points of law only. 

Updated #2 ... understand 'the man' wants to know if there is a Ecuadorean Embassy in 

Updated #3 ... sad (but entirely expected) that Hone H should be sourced to give his opinion on the decision.   According to him there in no justice in NZL.   This from someone who sold his Mana to crimdotcon for thirty pieces of silver.   He has no creds, no creds at all except to a small bunch of rag tag true believers who believe that John Frum is alive and well and good mates with Hone.   


Noel said...

Not quickly it seems.

He is claiming " the extradition process would not end with the district court finding. He said it would see appeals - from either side - through to the Supreme Court.

"I don't know how long the whole process will take. A year and a half, two, three years or more. It's a very complex matter."

The Veteran said...

Noel ... as posted, any appeal to the High Court can be on matters of law only i.e not on the substance of the case. After that his team would require 'Leave to Appeal' to take the matter further. OTOH the Crown might seek for the matter to referred straight to a higher court in order to truncate process.

Noel said...

One thing puzzles me. Dotcom is using his yet to proven criminal gains to finance his defence. Is Crown Law been reimbursed by the US?

Allan said...

Kim Dot Com is yesterdays news. He made his money by illegal means it seems. He attempted to pervert our Political system by using his ill gotten gains and buying those who would do anything in order to attain Parliamentary status. The sooner he is placed in an Orange Jump Suit and placed on an aircraft to the USA the better. The country is better off without him.

The Veteran said...

Noel ... the answer to your query is covered by Article XV11 of the Extradition Treaty between NZ and the USA. Reimbursement is limited to that specified in the second and third paras below and subject always to the caveat detailed in the first para ...


Expenses related to the transportation of the person sought shall be paid by the requesting Party. The appropriate legal officers of the country in which the extradition proceedings take place shall, by all legal means within their power, assist the [14] officers of the requesting Party before the respective judges and magistrates. No pecuniary claim, arising out of the arrest, detention, examination and surrender of persons sought under the terms of this Treaty shall be made by the requested Party against the requesting Party other than as specified in the second and third paragraphs of this Article.

The requested Party shall be reimbursed for the lodging, maintenance and board of the person sought.

The legal officers, other officers of the requested Party, and court stenographers, if any, of the requested Party who shall, in the usual course of their duty, give assistance and who receive no salary or compensation other than specific fees for services performed, shall be entitled to receive from the requesting Party the usual payment for such acts or services performed by them in the same manner and to the same amount as though such acts or services had been performed in ordinary criminal proceedings under the laws of the country of which they are officers.

Noel said...

I see so the 1000 hrs at around 2million is a cost to the taxpayer.

The Veteran said...

Noel ... yep, and the other way round too. Article XV11 is a feature in virtually all extradition treaties.

Anonymous said...

Both sides in the legal bunfight will be mightily relieved at this decision, the legal gravy train will keep rolling for a little way yet.

I would not get to incensed over the bill to the taxpayer Noel. It is but a fraction of the Waitangi Maori military veterans enquiry which is a compilation of lies, misunderstandings and sheer legal greed.

If I may take this opportunity to wish Mr Dotcom a Merry Christmas. He has provided us with four years of entertainment, amusement and diversion that under most circumstances we could only be part of through an American TV soap.

In a country full of Dudley Dorights and Percy Perfects he made a refreshing change and certainly added to the coffers of the media. The Holier than thou attitude of ultra conservative puritans is sadly predictable and without a glimmer of humanity.

I still find it strange that we can try war criminals in a neutral court (The Hague) but cannot try a civil case, particularly in Mr Dotcoms case as he has never set foot on US soil and not broken any copyright laws here. He was quite honest in his reasons for seeking a political career, unlike most of our representatives who become MP's through love of country and the condition of the common man.

I wish you all the best for the future Mr Dotcom.

Auf Weidesan et nil illigetimi carborundum

Lord Egbut Nobacon

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... you nailed the reason why cdc ain't being tried here ... he's broken no NZL law(s).

Glad to note you're right up with the play regarding the Maori Veterans Kaupapa Inquiry (Wai2500). I agree it is an abuse of process motivated by greed (particularly by certain members of the legal fraternity for whom the Waitangi Tribunal is a primary source of income).

As an aside to that I was rung yesterday by a decorated Maori Vvet. He and another Maori ex Snr NCO Vvet had just been to see a Kaumatua up here in the Mid North who is the prime organizer for the WT when it comes up here to here for the Wai2500 hearings. This clown claims to be ex SAS and served in both Borneo and Vietnam and that he flew fighter jets out of Terandak Garrison in Malaysia (just a tad difficult as the (dirt) runway was limited to Beaver ac) before he was pirated by the USAF to teach them his skills before returning to NZL to find that the 'Gummit' had stolen all his land. The reality is that this turkey's service exists only in his mind. Am told the three had a very interesting 'come to Jesus talk'. Sheeesh ... I know enough about Maoridom to understand that it's OK on the Marae to exaggerate to make the point but this is stupid, it's wrong, and the fact the WT agreed to hear the claim has me rethinking my support (often at some personal cost) for the WT and what it is mandated to do.

Andrew Berwick said...

Kim Schmitz is an avowed cyber-terrorist, child pornographer, and attempted an electoral coup-d'etat in NZ. It's disgusting he's still here; it's disgusting he's being tried in a civil court; it's disgusting he might go to the US for yet more spectacularly expensive trials at taxpayers' expense.

Thank you John Key! Thank you Barak Obama!

President Trump would just have tasked a Predator out of the Pacific Fleet and sorted the problem on day one.

The Veteran said...

Thank you Andrew for your inspired wisdom. Appreciated. The more sane might argue that if 'Chump' is the answer then it must have been a stupid question.

Redbaiter said...

Really, that you endorse the mad raving of a poster using the name Andrew Berwick shows just how deeply you have thought about this.

I think you're very wrong. I think you're being politically partisan.

I'd bet you'd want process followed to the letter if you were the subject of the extradition order and it was Russia that was after your arse.

I make my case here-

The Veteran said...

Redbaiter ... your inability to differentiate between irony and fact is quite amazing.

Process will take its course without any interference from me or you. I have read the 271 page (701 clauses) judgement with interest and commend it to you especially clauses 200-300 which contain many of the 'smoking guns'. For what it is worth I think the DCJ nailed it pretty well and while crimdotcons team will, no doubt, seek to dispute certain nuances in an attempt to discredit the whole, the judgement appears remarkably robust with not too much wriggle room for legal maneuverings.

Anonymous said...

RE: Mr Berwick. you cannot humour him as he has no sense of humour. You cannot reason with him as he does not want to reasoned with. The only alternative is to ignore him as he has the mind of a small boy seeking attention. As with most things in life if you ignore the irritant it will go away.

My last post on the matter

Lord Egbut Nobacon