Friday, December 18, 2015


Merry Christmas to ALL our readers.

For the record I refuse to be part of this pc 'Happy Holidays' crap.

ps  .... are Xmas cards going the same way as the dear old cheque book?


Noel said...

Oh shit it's that season again.
The season of the debate between "Merry Christmas" and "Happy Holidays".

Seasons Greeting all.

D said...

Grumpy Old Bugger Syndrome. Who, in NZ says "Happy Holidays"? Most peopleI know there and in Oz still say Happy/Merry Xmas, even us atheists. I reckon you've been watching too much Fox War on Xmas trash.

As to your Q re Xmas cards - I am down 5% on this time last year, and I blame Adolf. :-) I also think a run of 40C plus days has slowed things down and next week will be a madhouse.

The Realist said...

I got a "xmas card' from someone which said "happy holidays"
I scribbled on it "if you mean merry christmas bloody well say so!" and posted it back
Another lost friend

The Veteran said...

D 8.04 ... I have recd five cards this year that said 'Happy Holidays' including an official card from a Mayor (who The Realist knows well).

Like your response Realist ... virtual chocolate fish in the post.

Anonymous said...

Alas, it matters not because the term Christmas will be banned soon enough so as not offend Muslims and students. The Muslims have just decreed Mohammed's birthday is the 23rd December so he gets first dibs. Imagine the tricky cards that would go with that - go off with a bang or a cardboard knife springs out when you open it what?



A Merry Christmas to you all and I look forward to wishing a Merry Christmas to any muslim I come across in the coming weeks.
It's a bit like when I would pop into New World in Queen St, sometimes making a point of letting that young muslima serve me with that bottle of wine.
As for Christmas cards, I think their fewer number makes them all the more special.
I haven't sent many, but those I did I picked up in Poland last week, rather than me sending the usual from Marks & Spencer. I thought they'd be something different.

Noel said...

"Christmas will be banned soon enough so as not to offend Muslims."
Think that one through. The only one who can ban Christmas is the guy on the hills surrounding Hooterville.

Howie said...

"For the record I refuse to be part of this pc 'Happy Holidays' crap."

Yawn. No one cares that you're so boldly un-pc as to stand up to the Nazis and say Merry Christmas, or wants to stop you from doing it. Would you like it made mandatory? Would that make you feel better?

The Veteran said...

Howie ... you're both arrogant and angry. Give me a break ... beat your drum over at Bombers place. You'll fit in well there.

Howie said...

You're the one who's angrily squawking "MERRY CHRISTMAS", as if it's an actual act of defiance. I'm just doing you a service by letting you know that no one cares. Just like no one cares that Darren Greenwood buys cheap plonk and waits until a muslim check out chick is available to sell it to him. You guys are truly weird.

The Veteran said...

Howie ... then I take a deal of pleasure in amending the portion of my post that read 'ALL' to 'ALL (except Howie)'.

You can celebrate whatever you celebrate with your diminishing band of true believers and I'll celebrate Xmas with people who understand what Xmas is all about.