Thursday, December 24, 2015


The announcement yesterday that the Christchurch Cathedral could be restored for a mere $105m (insert Tui Ad) with the Anglican Church prepared to contribute up $30m as long as some nice people can pony up $75m set my alarm bells ringing.

I have a simple message for Mr Brownlie and the Government ... stay well clear of this.

The Anglican Church is not the 'established church' in the sense it is in England.   It has no special place in society over and above any other church.   Fund this and why not then the restoration of the Catholic Basilica; the Durham Street Methodist Church or the Oxford Terrace Baptist Church (totally destroyed) with the latter described by no less a person than the Cathedral's Dean as one of the city's 'iconic' churches.

Christchurch, being Christchurch, and I can understand the politics (with a small 'p') behind of all this but there is no way one church should be singled out for special taxpayer support.

Disclaimer ... this does not make me the Xmas Grinch.


pdm said...

If it is going to be rebuilt why not do it inter-denominationaly as has been done in towns and villages throughout New Zealand in recent years. As an example Tikokino (in Central Hawkes Bay) where I spent 6 years of my childhood used to have most if not all religious denominations represented with churches - now they have a very successful interdenominational set up.

That way the funding would be spread through the users with Presbuttons, Doolans, Methos and other potential users/worshippers all chipping in.

No matter what they decide it must not be a cost to the taxpayer.

The Veteran said...

pdm ... makes sense in small towns and here in Paihia the Catholics worship in the quite beautiful St Pauls Anglican Church on the waterfront ... but in ChCh, being ChCh, and I suspect you're pushing s**t up hill with that sort of thinking.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Absolutely agree. Under no circumstances should taxpayers fund the restoration of any church.

$105 million, eh? How many hip replacements can you buy for $105m?

The Veteran said...

Adolf ... 4,468.

Steve Finnell said...
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The Veteran said...

re above ... threadjacking and a lengthy sermon doth not a comment make.

Tinman said...

Not being a god-botherer I don't honestly give a fuck whether the Cathedral is rebuilt or replaced - except that it should not be paid for by me (and other taxpayers).

The Church has $30mil and the use of the cardboard Cathedral until they have rehoused them selves.

They built the last Cathedral themselves using (mainly) parishioner labour. Let them have at it.

I do hope, however this idea of combining the churches is forgotten. The story of how and why the basillica came to be where it is (in the South-East corner of ChCh) is too bloody good a story to lose.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

So, what's the story?

Anonymous said...

I'm not Anglican but am a God botherer and know a few Anglicans who claim to know what goes on in lofty places within the Anglican church in NZ. It appears the Anglicans want to bowl it but atheists want to keep it. How screwed up is that?

As a church building its a dog and has no parishioners anyway - its a dead horse. There is a vibrant and growing Anglican congregation in Chch but its never used the cathedral and doesn't want to. No one that really matters wants the old dog fixed.

If people stopped poking their noses into other people's business this would never have been a problem. That useless, senile old twat Anderton is a prime example of fuckwittery in action. Is there something in the Chch water that turns people mad?


JC said...

Years ago Michael Basset wrote on a story told by Cardinal Delargey on Jim Anderton's time (he's a Catholic) working for the Catholic Church..

"Delargey cautioned us: when Anderton had worked for the Catholic Church he showed an uncanny knack of putting the hierarchy in the position where they had to choose between Anderton or the Pope."

St Jim undoubtedly has persuaded enough Anglicans and denizens of Chch that a decision to scrap the rebuild represents an affront to God.. or in Jimspeak "God is great but I am his messenger so lend me your ears and I will deliver the taxpayers' wallet and keep you from sinning against me."


Tinman said...

Blogger Adolf Fiinkensein said...

So, what's the story?

You'll have to travel to ChCh and ride in BST Cab 276 to find out. :-)

Anonymous said...

This wont do at all, I find myself agreeing with everybody. The bottom line is that is a mock English Gothic building cobbled together in the 1930's. There are far older and more architecturally interesting inner city churches in the UK that have been turned into night clubs or des res's.

If it is that important the old Canterbury families who own most of the land in the inner city should fund it and as Brownlee is friendly with the Deans family, who own a fair slice of canterbury should start there. Charity begins at home.

Lord Egbut