Wednesday, December 16, 2015


The Prime Minister in a rare bit of forthright honest commentary has suggested that children living in an economically deprived situation, might be because the people who the morons want given even more money might just be spending the money needed to give their children a best possible start, on their  DRUGS !!

Blow me away who woulda thunk that

Jacinda Ardern is appalled and wants proof of the allegations.

Alls well in the Beltway.

Leighton Smith morning show on Newstalk ZB


Psycho Milt said...

So, for once he's honest about being an obnoxious dickhead?

Child poverty's up a lot since the early 1980s, and this knob-end thinks perhaps it's because drugs. Except, alcohol consumption, smoking and illicit-drug-use convictions are all down, not up. Worse, the Nats wasted shitloads of cash egregiously breaching beneficiaries' right to privacy by drug-testing thousands of them, and the drug testing turned up a couple of dozen users (presumably it wasn't carried out in Northland). His explanation for the poverty increase is moronic at first glance, and becomes even more moronic on closer inspection. If this is what he actually believes, it's a wonder he can tie his own shoelaces.

Gavin said...

Thats why they made slip on shoes for, morons like you Milt

The Veteran said...

PM ... people make choices. Some choose for whatever reason to smoke, drink alcohol, do 'drugs' and gamble (chasing the rainbow to easy riches) in preference to feeding their kids. If you don't believe that then can I invite you to visit the gaming area in a bar in an impoverished NI town I visited this morning just before midday. The place was packed. The clientele were entirely from the lower socio-economic group. It sez much.

Yep, I know that the 'left' would have it that the answer to the problem is to dole out more cash. They prefer to turn a blind eye to the reality described above and that means their so called solutions can only entrench the problem.

Yes. there will always be some in genuine need and the focus needs to be on them but I for one have no sympathy for the sort of folk that refuse to accept their primary responsibilities as parents.

You're right in assuming beneficiaries weren't drug tested in the Far North. If they were then benefit numbers would be halved.

I agree reality can hurt.

JC said...

Poverty, the miracle ingredient where the more you create the more obese the recipients become.


Psycho Milt said...

... people make choices. Some choose for whatever reason to smoke, drink alcohol, do 'drugs' and gamble (chasing the rainbow to easy riches) in preference to feeding their kids.

'Twas ever thus. Has the incidence of it suddenly increased over the last 30 years, that the PM can trot it out as an explanation for the increase in child poverty over that time? We have evidence that drug dependence has decreased, but so far the PM hasn't offered any evidence that it's increased. He's a pillock.

NB: "the left" may consider the answer to be to dole out more cash - I don't share that view.

Ross said...

There is no such thing a child poverty. There are families in poverty. However, but the general public attitude to the parents in these families is rather negative, as clearly many of these adults are responsible for their own misfortune. So the left had to invent child poverty to get any traction on the wealth redistribution issue.

If we are really serious we'll take the kids off the parents and raise them in orphanages. Can't be worse outcomes than the parents are achieving.

JC said...

PM, did you actually watch and listen to Key on this?

He said "part" of the problem and (paraphrasing) "I'm not saying its all the problem etc"

He did *not* say it was the major problem but, and as an employer I agree 100%, drug testing in most industries is a significant bar to employment. In forestry and sawmilling drug testing hugely reduces the labour pool.. in some parts of the North Island 80% of applicants fail the test or pull out of the process when they learn there is drug testing.
Even if they get clean and get a job they are regularly tested from there on and many lose their jobs as a result.

These industries used to be the great sponge to mop up unskilled labour but H&S policies have knocked that on the head.


Anonymous said...

Well im sure keys and the mad rush to sell of every asset or anything that can make a profit. To his off shore buddys. Has nothing to do with the rising cost of everything in new zealand bucause this is best for the people of new zealand has nothing to do with it? Good at pointing the finger of balame and others is our keys. IMO they guy is a Greedy lying Tratior. sooner he fsoff to his new wbc job the better off we will be :) With luck english will go with him

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

anon @ 4:28

It's just as well you don't have a nom-de-plume. You'd struggle to spell it.

im (I'm)
keys (Key)
buddys (buddies)
bucause (because)
balame (blame)
tratior (traitor)

Did I miss any? You've done very well.