Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Gee That Worked Well Why Not Try This ?

A weekend with a reduced tolerance for speeding of 4kph and only seven (7) died.
At least  one of those deaths was a single driver crash on a gravel road where a speed trap would never action.
The resident Traffic safety guru National road policing manager Superintendent Steve Greally, claiming the speed blitz a success.

Hello Steve, is there anyone home, can you please relate the five fatal crashes with all the variables, to placing a speed gun at the end of a passing lane or at the bottom of a downslope on a straight stretch of Highway, with any one or all of those fatals.

So maybe the income will take a hit but hows about some hard nosed monitoring of the appalling general driving skills evidenced by anyone using our roads using motorcycle officers and mufti cars.
I drove the 80 kms from Harewood to Akaroa, SH 75, on Sunday afternoon and had I had 'Dashcam'  I would have had around six serious crossing centreline offences for no other reason than crap driving. Add in a couple of Yellow line violations and it was, well an interesting trip to put it mildly.

I am planning no travel next weekend so how about a trial of reducing open road to 60kph, urban to 35kph and see how your flawed theory is working, I have  $20  that says it will have absolutely no bloody effect other than statistical chance.
The Income generation modus is only alienating the precious little public support you have remaining with an increasingly disbelieving motoring public.
While you are at the research facility, some figures on the reduced alcohol levels around those caught between the old and new limits could be of interest to some.

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