Tuesday, December 1, 2015

For Chris Cairns that was the only result.

A free man yes, Not Guilty again yes but Innocent well only CC will know that and those  who benefitted, if he did dodgy stuff, are not likely to come forward but Mr Modi wont be about to forgive and forget.

Had CC been convicted on the published evidence including that from an admitted liar, cheat and crook, his missus at the time who it was established might have been a little inebriated, and current NZ hero and skipper  whose testimony was a little changed as time went by I for one would have been saddened.

Some of Brendon McCallum's batting gives rise to whether he is always in the clear from such innuendo.

Whatever happened to good old "pitch reports" that tripped up Warnie, Hansie Cronje and co or was that just a euphemism for fixing used by scribes aware of defamation and libel

Chris Cairns life is in tatters and as someone suggested recently he was never going to "win" whatever the verdict.
With no recordings however dodgy, no money trail and no  corroborated evidence of the variably described "meetings" they had nothing. Hell they didn't even have a shot of a massive over stepping no-ball

I am surprised no-one thought to include footage of his rebellion when his dreads became a main focus as that was probably his one effort where my support for the magnificent talent he clearly was, was challenged.

Other losers clearly NZC, Cricket across the world and Louie The Fly, if depression haunts him he has done little to climb over that log. Geez Justice Sweeney had to warn him his "evidence" was treading on  dangerous territory.

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Tinman said...

What a disgusting, disgraceful piece of shit!

"Pitch reports" did NOT trip up Warnie and Hansie, they were convicted of drug-taking (Warnie) and throwing games (Hansie). i.e. cheating.

Your attempt to implicate McCullum in cheating by what is outright lies shows you deserve nothing less than the contempt you attempt to put on C Cairns (innocent as not proven guilty).

I don't expect you to see the error and apologise, I doubt you have the intellect to understand why you should but hope someone explains to you soon the old adage that it is better to remain silent and be thought stupid rather than comment and prove the accusation.