Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Watch the video to see what happens when a group of Muslims in Texas buy land adjacent to a pig farmers property and then try and get the farmer to quit (or at least get rid of his pigs).

Just what possessed them to purchase the property in the first place beats the hell out of me.


Noel said...

Gee yah scratching for something controversal. This occurred five years ago.
Move on.

Andrei said...

Actually Noel it goes back to 2006 that's damn near a decade ago

Anonymous said...

Well the clue to authenticity and spin is in the name..FOX news.
AKA the Pinnochio press. If Fox broadcasts a news item it will never be accurate ( I really dislike that dirty old bastard Murdoch)

This is the story and how a misunderstanding occured that resulted in this belated attempt to shit stir happened.

Lord Egbut Nobacon.

Will the church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster allow Jedi Knights a pew?

Anonymous said...

An oldie but a goodie. The Muslims bought the land because they thought they could just threaten locals into compliance and thereby get what they wanted. With only 30 worshippers it makes you wonder who is funding this expansion.


Anonymous said...

Anon 3:16

Try 500... I wonder if you have a retentive memory problem. I believe that Massey is looking for research subjects...give them a ring.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

The Veteran said...

Thank you folks for pointing out the age issue. Wasn't aware of that.

Egbut ... just because the segment comes from Fox news doesn't make it suspect anymore than a report from say the Guardian newspaper (or the Telegraph). Googled your link and a variety of stories emerged all contradicting each other so clearly folks will choose to believe what they want to believe.

I googled further to try a get an update on the situation as it is today ... failed. Does anyone have the answer?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

The pigs flew away?

Anonymous said...

If you do not know how the US public regard Fox or anything to do with Murdoch then you have lead a very sheltered life. Fox is rabid right wing republican.

The fact that you had to ask why the Muslims bought the land next to a pig farm shows your knowledge of Muslims and pigs is a bit hazy. Many inner city Mosques in the UK are with eyesight of High St butcher shops. They do not care they just don't eat Jews.

The issue was over cattle removal from a piece of land that is over a K away from the pig enclosure.

If you are not sure don't print. Ask any sane American which news source the believe and USA TODAY wins hands down...Fox (no go areas in Birmingham and London) not even in the top five.

Lod Egbut Nobacon

Anonymous said...

Sorry Veteran, should have supplied a reference.

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... who am I to disbelieve you but it appears the Washington Post does in this article

Anonymous said...

Not quite. The Washington Post poll was conducted by Quinnipiac University, yes you might well ask who the hell are they. Like most universities as you well know, they arrange their press releases to suit those who commission the polls.

I was referring to this which is truly independent...

But back to the nonsense story about Muslims trying to take over a pig farm. Surely you can see that you have been mislead by a news outlet and if you are like me must feel slightly betrayed........unless you want it to be true????

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Goodness me Ebgut

Resorting to libel now, are we?

Fox news is a cable channel and it is common knowledge that their viewer numbers are greater than SLL THE OTHER cable news channels combined and have been for a number of yeaars.

Please take your obfuscation somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

Undoubtedly Adolf. It's also true that only 12% of the population have ever been outside the US ie. passport holders, which may explain the viewing figures if true. They are the most insular people in the whole world. I said the least trusted NOT the most viewed which is debatable but ultimately futile.

Trump the Chump is playing on peoples fears and Fox is going along with it using dodgy statistics even as we speak, however if you take your daily news input from Fox it does explain an awful lot...except obfuscation which no doubt would greatly impress the Alabama rednecks if ever used.

Trump.....An old Yorkshire word for fart.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Just let me get this right. You say they are the least trusted while you admit they are the most watched?

Oh I forgot, you must be a Labour Party strategist.

Anonymous said...

You are learning your tricks off the veteran. You said they were the most watched, I haven't a clue nor do I care.

It is plain as a pike staff that Fox took a non story added pigs, Muslims and takeovers, sexed it all up and produced a load of codswallop that people like you revelled in.

Your idea of political engagement is to pick on the new boy, Little, and as he is trying to to put up his tent you run around cutting the guy ropes and then say "look, the silly sod can't even put up a tent."

Try not to be so predictable.