Wednesday, December 30, 2015

FATWA No. 64

I guess it is encouraging to see IS moving from the 13th into the 14th century with the promulgation of Fatwa 64 here regarding the treatment of female slaves.

I have no idea whether similar fatwas exist covering the treatment of male slaves or even perhaps 'beheading for beginners'.



Andrei said...

I wonder if that document is genuine or if it is a product of the Foggy Bottom propaganda department?

After all the original would not have been in English but in Arabic

It looks bogus to me as it appears to be typed - why would you type a translation?

The Veteran said...

Andrei ... it is the US government's translation of a document captured by US Special Forces on operations targeting a top IS official in Syria in May. The Americans have no need to try and discredit IS. They're pretty expert in doing it themselves.

Just why do you think a translation shouldn't be typed?

Your poster boy Putin thinks IS is bad. Time for you to catch the train.

Andrei said...

I think ISIS, ISIL, Daish or whatever they are called this week, are bad too Veteran - that doesn't mean I believe everything I read about them.

Alas I do not read or speak Arabic but I would be more convinced by seeing the original with translation

I do know Arabic is tricky and someone whose mother tongue is Arabic would quite possibly be able to determine where the author of the original document came from -i.e. where they originated.

Again I ask - if it is a translation why not just present an electronic translation instead of a scan?

Andrei said...

I'll give you another reason for extreme skepticism Veteran

The "Fatwa" is dated "29th JAN 2015" this is exactly how it appears on the document

A "Fatwa" would definitely use Islamic dating not the Gregorian Calendar which would be something like 8 Raby` al-THaany 1436

The Veteran said...

Andrei ... or, if you were translating it into English, 29th JAN 2015. Look, you stick with skepticism if that's what rings your bell. I again pose the question, what's in it for the US trying to prove that IS is rooted in the dark ages? They do it very well themselves without any outside help. For me, the document passes the sniff test.

Andrei said...

You only believe it because it reinforces your prejudices Veteran

I think it is a crude forgery that was never in Arabic any more than "Allo Allo" was in French - it doesn't read right but the date is the killer for me because an honest translation would have kept the Islamic date and converted, not translated, it to the Gregorian equivalent in brackets.

If we are to rid the world of ISIS we need to be honest about who and what we are fighting against and stuff like this is only going to exacerbate problems not help resolve them

Anonymous said...

A fair chunk of ISIL are westernised and probably know less about Arabic than Andrei. They are in it for the fun and won't have bothered learning the Muslim calendar as its not required to act like an arsehole.


Noel said...

Regardless of its authenticity they fact it is promoting how to deal with a SLAVE is sickening enough.

Andrei said...

Actually Noel the question of its authenticity is everything

It makes a great deal of difference whether as to its origin being in the Syrian or Iraqi Desert in Arabic or whether it was composed in English by some US Government functionary in an air conditioned office in Virginia who probably goes home after work to jerk off to anal fisting videos starring women trafficked from Eastern Europe

A great deal of difference indeed

Anonymous said...

We do live in a wicked old world Noel - and its wickedness is not confined to the Levant

Anonymous said...

This lot are just learners. In the Caliphate of Cordoba (Spain) the head honcho had 5,000 girls in one harem and 5,000 boys in another also a large collection of big cats, really big cats. If a slave girl displeased she had her face burnt off, if a boy displeased he watched his arms legs fed to afore mentioned cats.

The Christians up north who where continually waging war on the poor old Caliph were much more merciful, just a red hot sword up the fundamental passage for Muslim slaves who displeased.

If the old testament bible bashers and hate preachers from the US had any power the tradition would be revived.

Lord (Feeling quite queasy) Egbut Nobacon

The Veteran said...

MiLord ... yes indeed.

Andrei ... Ok, by your 'expert' analysis the document is a forgery. I again pose the question ... what's in it for the US in forging a document designed to reinforce the perception of IS as 14th century nutbars pursuing a twisted and perverted version of Islam when the reality is that's what the world thinks of them anyway ... without any outside help.

Tell me, do you also hold to the CC view that the moon landings took place in a Hollywood film set?

Andrei said...

Please note Veteran I didn't say the document is a forgery, I said that I believe it is probably a forgery based upon its look, language and in particular the use of the Gregorian date rather than the Islamic one - which suggests to me the author is not someone well versed in Arabic/Islamic language and culture

And of course I do not believe the moon landings are a hoax - I am an educated man, who follows current events very closely and trying to see them from as many different perspectives as possible - trying to link me with silly conspiracy theories is a way to discredit my point of view on matters completely unrelated to the topic at hand

AS to why this would be done - demonizing the enemy through propaganda is almost as old as war itself -

In particular the war in Syria is fundamentally dishonest in that the Gulf States, Turkey (a NATO member) and the USA/EU are actually at war with the Syrian Government in Damascus but ISIS provides the casus belli to conduct this war which has been destroying the Syrian infrastructure

Meanwhile the income from oil resources of Syria have been diverted from the Syrian people to making war on them via ISIS - the stolen oil is of course refined in Government owned Turkish refineries transported by a company owned by the son of the President of Turkey - the refineries are controlled by his son-in-law, the Turkish minister of energy - is any of this news to you?

Incidentally Iraqi oil is also being stolen in the same manner - all of which I suspect is being reflected in the price we are paying at the pumps ("its an ill wind")

Anyway can I ask you - do you think American foreign policy at this point is well considered or are we actually witnessing a fiasco of the first order that has left a trail of failed states and displaced people in its wake?

The Veteran said...

Andrei ... answer the question.

Andrei said...

Andrei ... answer the question

I thought I had Veteran

Politically within the USA and Europe committing military forces to a Middle Eastern conflict is not particularly popular - but if they are not committed American influence within the region will be diminished as Iranian and Russian influence increases

ISIS which is an evil provides the excuse and portraying them as 14th century barbarians fighting an ancient religious war gives the impression that this war is a war on the side of God and the angels rather than the imperialistic one over the control of resources that it is in reality.

The foot soldiers who form ISIS (in itself who ISIS are is labile according to political convenience) are in fact mercenaries and psychopaths from all over the world with a sprinkling of religious fanatics who actually believe in the Caliphate but most are more interested in gaining money and women and only pay lip service to the concept. It was ever this way.

ISIS could be defeated in Syria and Iraq quite quickly by cutting off their supply of arms, recruits and money - in Syria this means securing the Syrian/Turkish border which is what the SAA and Russians are doing - the oil from Syrian oilfields is today going to Turkey via Iraq because of recent successes in cutting the direct routes.

That's my take on it for what it is worth

David said...

Once again, I am amazed to be in agreement with Andrei. Seems to me, when he keeps religion out, his thought process is quite clear.

As he says, there are many wheels within wheels in the "Syrian conflict" and too many people lap up the propaganda that supports their preconceptions and reject the propaganda that undermines those same preconceptions.

As always, follow the money.

Who buys the oil IS is stealing?

Who supplies them with their seemingly limitless collection of Toyota Landcruisers?

Are all their arms and ammunition liberated / stolen from areas they conquer, or do they have a friendly local dealer? And where does said dealer obtain those arms?

Who benefits from the destablilisation of Syria?

Anonymous said...

Saudi and Qatar in a nutshell David. Possibly some of the Emirs in the UAE also. What you are seeing here is repeat of history that happened in Spain 800 years ago. Anyone who thinks all the adherents of Islam act with one mind are sadly mistaken. Islam has been fighting itself for as long as there has been an Islam.

The various Sultanates that ruled parts of Spain fought against the each other more than the so called Christians who also fought amongst themselves. El Cid (El Siad) was a "Christian" mercenary who spent more time fighting for the Muslims than against them.

When the Christian armies looked like they were about to win they called to Africa for reinforcements. What turned up at Gibraltar was not what they expected. An army of Berbers from the Atlas mountains, veiled, secretive, ruthless. They brought with them an intolerant and harsh version of Islam. Do you get the picture?

The Berbers were shocked at the religious tolerance along with the hedonistic and perfumed lifestyle of the Spanish Caliphs and Muslims in general and promptly overthrew them. The irony is that after a 100 years they also succumbed to the lifestyle once they got their feet under the table and were given the boot by Ferdinand and Isabella the founders of modern Spain.

Lord Egbut Nobacon