Thursday, December 17, 2015


Finally it's the end of the line for the NZL (Wellington) born, disgraced Australian Labor Party MP, Craig Thomson, ordered to anti up AUD 485,000 for the misuse of funds during his time as head of the scandal plagued the Health Services Union.    The HSU represented the bottom end workers in the industry.   Thomson ripped off the most vulnerable in order to indulge his lifestyle.

On Monday the Federal Court ordered him to pay $80,050 to the Fair Work Commission covering the misappropriation of union funds for personal use including several visits to brothels; to pay $231,243 to the HSU in compensation plus another $146,937 in interest.

Thomson was the Federal Member for Dobell and Gillard and the ALP stood by him through thick and thin because he was their majority in Parliament.   He narrowly avoided being sent to jail last year after successfully appealing a decision in the Magistrates Court.   Instead he was fined $25,000 on a charge of theft.

The Australian union movement has a long history of corruption.  Back in NZL the union movement is far more fragmented and I suspect the opportunities for corruption are not so great as in Oz ... but?



Noel said...

28 years as a member of the EPMU and never found evidence to suspect the annual financial report was not truthful.

You are probably right regardless of the organisation the greater the membership the greater the chance of ratbags in the executive.

Anonymous said...

Pleased he didn't get jail time or we would have had to look after this mongrel after he returned home via Christmas Island.


The Veteran said...

3:16 ... perish the thought ... he certainly would have failed the good character test although I'm sure that the nice Mr Davis (amazing look alike) would have been happy to pimp for him here.