Tuesday, December 8, 2015


I don't often agree with Chris Trotter but I do enjoy reading his blog 'Bowalley Road' where he writes from a 'left, left' perspective without the rancor or nastiness that are the hallmarks of The Standard' and especially 'The Daily Blog'.

Trotter's latest op piece on Jeremy Corbyn here is pretty much on the mark. His simple thesis is that the Labour establishment, supported by elements of the media, will never allow Corbyn to be the PM in a British version of the ABC movement here (that continues to this day).  

Further, that the ABC faction now have their own leader in the form of the shadow Foreign Secretary Hilary Benn and that somewhere, somehow, sometime  these forces will conspire to roll Corbyn.

Who am I to disagree with that analysis.


Anonymous said...

You think Trotters scribblings are pretty well on the mark because it fits with what you would like to happen. Unfortunately, like you, he is 12000 miles away and fortunately I am not.

Trowbridge to be precise.

You are getting dangerously close to predicting again and you remember the last time that happened. With all the plottings, conspiracies and media fuelled speculations it is all becoming a nonsense.

This is what the British public are telling me. WITH Corbyn there is a chance that Labour MIGHT win the next election. Without Corbyn they WILL NOT win the next election.

Benn and his supporters know this and any move to replace Corbyn will result in blood letting and the resurrection of a dying UKIP party.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... not really predicting anything in the post ... just commenting on what Trotter, doyen of the left, said.

For the record I have fairly close links with the UK and particularly Herefordshire, The people in Hereford, Leominister and Shobdon ain't saying that ... but I guess you would dismiss them as simple country folk.

Anonymous said...

No, they have that upper class twit Bungalow Bill Wiggins who went to school with Cameron as an MP.
Met him as well. Never had a days discomfort in his life and the wine is beginning to show, Beef Farmer ready to vote for anything including antibiotics in cattle to the culling of badgers. Herefordshire one of least populated areas in UK without any industry..Read Southland.

The People in Leominster, a decaying market town, will vote Labour but it will not change the fortunes of Wiggins.

However I have taken in the subliminal message in your posts and divested myself of investments in the New Zealand solar power industry. Apparently when when Judith Collins pulls her knickers up the sun goes out.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

The Veteran said...

Wiggin boy, not Wiggins. Hardly a member of the squireocracy with an 8 ha farm where he raises Hereford cattle, Ryland sheep and chickens. Not a directorship in sight. The good people of Leominster have never voted Labour. In the constituency Labour comes in a miserable 4th behind UKIP and the Liberal Democrats and only just in front of the Greens. Mention the word Labour in Leominster and you're liable to end up in the 'ducking stool' at the Priory Church.

But do try and get the name right pse.

Anonymous said...

Leominster and is a part of he larger Wiggin constituency. It does not have an MP but the pendulum is swinging back and the townspeople seem to be attracted to Corbyn.

Probably one of the reasons is that old Etonian Wiggins made 22 declarations that his Herefordshire house was his main residence and claimed a mortgage on it from parliamentary expenses. No such mortgage existed. He also fiddled his phone and office expenses to the tune of £4000.

Nice bloke, but what do expect from the privileged classes.

Lord Egbut